Wonderful Woodsy Wisconsin Wedding Weekend

Hello friends– Just home from 2 weeks in Wisconsin.  Our Laurel and John were married in the woods of Wyalusing State Park, such a warm and wonderful weekend together with family and friends from far and wide.  Here’s a few snapshots from the weekend.

We all met up at the camp on Friday afternoon.  Friends and family went to work to set up camp (I was on the flower crew!) and then it was lawn games, brats on the grill and s’mores around the bonfire before we all tucked in.       

Saturday morning we woke up to Lulu’s scrumptious French toast with berries (Thanks Ted & Lu for being our cooks!).  After breakfast we moved on to more games and some serious painting at the “Craft Corner.” And then scattered to get ready for the wedding.


We gathered at the glorious lookout point for the wedding.  After a flurry of photos and guests all arrived, the ceremony began.  Beautiful Irish pipes for music, officiating by John’s brother Danny, “wise words” from Dad Larry and the planting of a small white pine tree with soil from family gardens.  It was lovely.



Back at the camp, we celebrated Laurel and John with a roast pig dinner & all the fixings.  There were speeches and dancing and cutting the cake (including a birthday cake for 6 year old Jobay)– and ending with some quiet moments with our girl by the campfire.



Well, that’s about it.  Sunday morning it was a quick breakfast and cars set off in all directions.  A few us packed up all the wedding detritus into the van–  And saw Laurel and John off to their National Parks honeymoon (we’ve been getting texts of glacial lakes and buffalo!).

God bless you John & Laurel.  It was a fine full wonderful weekend.  One we’ll never forget.  I’m thankful.


44 thoughts on “Wonderful Woodsy Wisconsin Wedding Weekend

  1. What beautiful pictures…looks like a truly magical time with family and friends…loved the picture of you and you mom! God’s blessing to the new Mr and Mrs!

    • You’re so dear Debi. Fun to hear from you–it was a sweet time, and relaxing to spread it over 3 days. Time to talk with everyone and enjoy the grand-girls (who beat me playing 2 square!) Can’t believe all our kids are married now! take care friend. xox

    • Thanks Flora– It was a sweet time– so fun to have three days to talk and play with family/friends. Hope all’s well with you there. Are you still in the depths of summer?? We are sweltering here this week. hugs hugs!

  2. I’ve been waiting for this post, and it did not disappoint. Breathtaking. They seem like such a fun couple! The picture of you guys by the fire made me tear up. Thank so much for sharing, Rhonda!

    • Fun to share it with you Lacey. So happy you like the pics. Before you know it, you’ll be going to weddings of your kids!! It all goes so fast! I always love hearing from you– you’re the best Lacey! xo

    • Hi Susan!! Fun to hear from you!! It was a really sweet time– 3 days talking & playing with family/fiends. And “ever-growing clan” is right! You know about that. And I guess you’ll be taking more trips to Barcelona now! I saw that Elena had arrived. It’s a job to keep up with our kids!! hugs hugs to you friend– I have so many dear memories of time with your in Spain. Besos!!

  3. Loved the photo of you, Larry and Laurel by the fire. Very cool wedding. Love it when people venture “outside the box” and hand tailor their own wedding. Bob and I got “in trouble” for the unusual approach we took to ours, but everyone ended up loving it. Congrats to all of you!

    • Hi Sandy– I can imagine you and Bob coming up with a special unique wedding! I imagine it was beautiful! This was a sweet time– 3 days with friends/family. Really loved it. Glad to hear about your trip coming up– it sounds perfect! hugs hugs!

    • You’re right Jenny– it was SO Laurel and John too! It was really a sweet time to hang out and talk & play with family/friends there. And our baby is married!! Happy Back to School around your house tomorrow– hope it’s a great year ahead for Andrew & Gracie!! (and you!) hugs hugs!

  4. How marvelous and I’ve been waiting to see this post! I had two young friends who were married in a Wisconsin park, too, and it was magical as well. I was married in a very small chapel in Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs, but that was way back in 1991~ I might have been ahead of the trend, lol!

    I don’t know how you and the newlyweds and family managed so much – wow! It truly looks amazing and so fun to hear all the “deets” as the kids say! I bet they’ll have a wonderful honeymoon. 🙂

    • Wow Mollie– a Colorado Mountain wedding sounds really beautiful! Were you living there then?? And– I have to say I had my reservations about pulling this all together. But Laurel came up with spread sheets with jobs for about 30 people– and they all came through to make things go well! My sis and her husband did a lot of the meals– but they had friends grilling brats and roasting pigs too! And– how did you end up in the Minnesota?? I think I need to know more of your story… hugs!

      • I grew up in NW Iowa, in a town of about 2900 people, went to school at Iowa State, moved to Colorado, a small mountain town called Georgetown, then eventually when I was tired of skiing and waitressing and scrabbling for odd jobs, moved to the Denver area where I lived for about 17 years, (?? I think!) then moved back to the Midwest (Twin Cities) in the early 90’s to be closer to my folks in Iowa. Then my Dad & Stepmom moved to South Dakota (which is a much longer drive – takes me about 5 & 1/2 hours but I have to stop a lot and have Chance) because they wanted to be closer to the Docs and no state income taxes. So I haven’t lived in that many states, but each has been so different. I still miss the mountains although my skiing days are probably far behind me!!

  5. Ciao Rhonda! Congratulations on the wedding of Laurel and John! The beauty of the location in Wisconsin and all of you people, family and friends, looking so happy… it looks like an unforgettable experience… So many lovely children too! May God bless Laurel and John and all your family members. xoxo

    • So dear Simona– thank you. It was a beautiful green place. And there was lots of time to sit and catch up with people– really a sweet time and John and Laurel loved having everyone there. I’m still remembering all the good moments… Are you home now and settling in at the end of summer?? Has school started up again there?? And your orchestra?? Just read your Italian vacation post– brilliant! hugs!

      • Ciao Rhonda! Yes, I’m home now. Still, until Costanza starts school again (on Sept. 15th) I spend a lot time with her and Walter. The weather is nice so we can still take her to the beach and that is lovely. Our orchestra has never stopped rehearsing, even if a few musician-friends (me included) skipped a lot of sessions 😉 Now we have officially started our season even if we have no concerts in sight (for the moment). Have a great week start. xoxo

        • Sounds like a lovely way to wind down the summer, sunshine and the beach from home. I sure wish I could hear your group in concert– What pieces are you working on?? We’re up in San Francisco meeting our new grand-guy (nap time now!). Hugs hugs Simona!

          • Ciao Rhonda! You have such a big family, sometimes I get confused! How many grandchildren do you have? Our group performed Renaissance music recently mostly because we had a mezzosoprano singer who stayed with us for a while… We performed at open-air Renaissance festivals or simply at open-air festivals where you could perform any programme! Right now we are working on a ‘history’ of love songs/love music from the Middle Ages up today (including movie soundtracks). That’s fun! xoxo

            • Oh Simona– your music sounds so real and beautiful. Would love to be able to sit and listen… What a gift to be able to give to people. We do have a big family!! 7 grandkids now. Our oldest lives 2 hours north is married to Jodi from China and they have 3 girls in school. Our second son & wife are in San Francisco and just had baby #3 (and we’re in SF right now meeting him–baby Otto!). Our daughter Ani & husband also live in SF and have baby Lois (who I’m babysitting today) and our youngest daughter is in Wisconsin, just married to John. So we spend a lot of time traveling– to see kids! thanks for asking– Loved hearing about your music–what a range! hugs from here!

            • What a blessing to have such a big family, Rhonda! 4 children and 7 grandchildren… it is great that you have the chance to travel and spend time with your grandchildren! They certanly love to be with you! Costanza is fond if my dad and as we live in the apartment under my parents’ she get to stay with nonno Giorgio and nonna Lella quite a lot! Actually aunt Cristina, my sister, lives in the same building too! We are not a large family but still we get to have a meal together or stay together everyday!

            • That all sounds so wonderful Simona– being able to share meals together, pop into each others homes so easily. I would love to have family so close. Your life seems so beautiful and full. hugs!

  6. Oh my goodness- this post was so beautiful! It made me homesick!!! What amazing family time ❤ I cannot get over how gorgeous this wedding is. The scenery, the love, the joy!!! It’s tangible! Thank you for sharing with us!!!! Major congrats to you and your beautiful family!!!! (I think I used enough exclamation marks? Lol 😉 ).

      • I miss that green, dearly!!!! I can almost smell it. Soon those trees will be changing to gorgeous reds and oranges; I miss that too! I am so glad you had such a beautiful weekend ❤ Blessings to you too, Rhonda!!

  7. What a wonderful time you all had. The wedding location is absolutely gorgeous. Looks like the lovely couple are on top of the world. I think if I had a wedding picture like that first one, I’d want to hang it as a huge poster, it’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your special time and congratulations to all!

    • HI Marcia– it was the dearest weekend together. And that’s funny that you said they should make a huge poster. Laurel works for a photo website that produces all kinds of photo art prints! I’ll pass you comment along… thanks for reading Marcia– always love to hear from you friend. xo

  8. How beautiful and fun! I love their wedding cake, did someone make it for them? Me thinks it is not from a bakery. Very unique! How wonderful your family could get together and celebrate Rhonda! -Kat

    • Hey Kat– fun to have you check in on our big wedding. It really was the best 3 days! This is a low-key wedding!! She just ordered 3 cakes from Costco a week ahead!! And this one was plain and a high school friend brought decorations to make it wedding-ish! They got tons of flowers from the farmers market and spent a chunk of the budget on $8 sleeping bags and towels for all the guests staying in the cabins! A real family/friend camp out. Hope you’re doing well– is it turning in to fall there for you?? I’m ready for cooler days and a more ordered schedule and some real fall baking. Anyway, all that to say– always love hearing from you friend. Blessings. xox

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