Joining Jac & Jackie

Hi there– We ended up our trip with a restful stay with the dearest friends Jac & Jackie–at their cabin in small town Endeavor, Wisconsin.  It was 5 days of woodsy walks, quite meals and talks on the porch.  From the first big hug, it felt like we were on a retreat!  Here’s my favorite bits.

Early the first morning Jac & Jackie bundled us into the car to trek down country roads past such farms, wild turkeys and then onto a forested track.  We came out onto a tidy Amish farm with it’s little log cabin bakery.  We stepped in to racks of pies, breads and sweet rolls fresh from the wood fired oven.  Breakfast!


Later we wandered over the Amish market– So many baking supplies.  I was wishing my sis Lulu, the baking queen, were there to stock up!


We spent a quiet afternoon hiking the 4 mile loop around Devil’s Lake– wooded paths and rocky shores.


And mostly there were talks by the campfire, morning walks and morning prayers on the front porch. Such a sweet time with friends we admire.

Thank you Jac & Jackie– for feeding us, showing us the Wisconsin countryside, for asking us the important questions and praying and loving us through it all.  You’re the best.


18 thoughts on “Joining Jac & Jackie

  1. this looks like a lovely and peaceful way to end your trip to Wisconsin. I hope you returned home refreshed and ready to take on the world!! hope we can do lunch soon! hugs!

    • Hi Ursula– I agree. Don’t you love woodsy hikes?? Your zucchini brownies look wonderful– so moist and chocolatey! Hope you had a great weekend. It was so hot here we mostly hid indoors! hugs hugs!

    • Hi Suzanne– It was beautiful countryside– I kept making Larry stop to take pictures of field and red barns!! And sweet to be with real friends. How’s your weekend going?? It’s been so hot here we’ve been hiding indoors– but off tomorrow for a cookout at my bother’s. Hope you’re staying cool there– plans for tomorrow?? xoxox

      • So glad to hear you are having fun and it does look so picturesque. We have had nice weather on the coolish side but it’s heating up again. Spent today baking for a charity auction love doing that. Have fun at the BBQ❤️

        • Hey Suzanne– glad your cooler days, for as long as they lasted!! It’s been hot hot here. Friday was the hottest day on record in San Francisco (usually coolish) –105!! And What are you baking?? Is for the Pug Rescue group?? Sounds like a satisfying way to spend a day in the kitchen. hugs from here!

    • HI Marcia! It was the best– quiet and laced with real conversations. Don’t you love those kind of friends?? Is it turning fall for you there yet? I noticed 1 red leaf on our liguid amber (maple) tree! Waiting for cooler days! take care Marcia! xox

    • It was the dearest time– with the kind of friends who talk about what’s important. so refreshing. And– I didn’t know that Amish communities extended so far and wide. I had never been to an Amish area– and we went to a market that had aisles and aisles of baking supplies– I was wishing I could stock up! take care friend… xo

    • Hi Kat- yep, I think you know how great it is to have those kinds of friends. thanks for checking in– How was your weekend?? Were you going to hear your son’s band concert?? How did it go?… xox

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