Happy Grandma

Hey there– It’s been a grand week– we trooped up to San Francisco to meet our new baby grand-guy baby Otto!!  Hung out with his brother & sis– that Eero and Mae.  Watched baby Lois 3 days while her mom headed off to work and to top it off landed in Ojai today with the 3 big grand-girls to celebrate Maryann’s birthday #9!!  It was a fine full week!

It was good times with little Lois — reading, crawling, hanging out with Mom & Dad.


Always a great time with Mae & Eero –picking Mae up at school, out for ice cream, playing at home, and Mae & I assisting on Jessica’s extraordinary donut making day!


And then there was new baby Otto– sweet and tender– so much fun to study his little face and watch him squirm and wiggle!

To finish the week off, we trekked up to Ojai to get in on the fun of Maryann’s #9 splashy birthday party at the pool.  Love that friendly, inventive girl!


So it was the best week– lots of hugs and talks and playtime with grand-kids.  What more could a grandma ask for?!  And one more photo to remember that getting that perfect angelic grand-girls photo doesn’t always work out–


58 thoughts on “Happy Grandma

  1. How sweet, from all the expressions you caught from Otto, Lois and her books, school pick up, the party! I love all of it 🙂
    And holy cow! Um homemade donuts? I’m impressed.

    • I know Lacey–I never heard of anyone actually making in their very own kitchen. But they were super and it was a fun group project! After last week we have a low key weekend– just church and a movie with friends (The Glass Castle) — What are you up too?? hugs!

      • You have been going and going. I bet it was nice to have a low key weekend. We had a mostly low key weekend too.
        Ohhhh have you ready the book? Did you like the movie?

        • The move was really worthwhile– but so sad when you know it was a real life. I liked the book a lot– more about the mom in the book and the movie went more into her life as an adult in NY. Just a great story how these kids survived and thrived in a weird sad family. xox friend!

          • I’ve wanted to read the book, but sometimes I just can’t do it if I think it will be too sad, especially involving kids anyway. I like to read books BEFORE I see the movies. I’ve been back and forth on starting this one or not. Good not know the movie is okay on it’s own though.

        • How fun Mary!! I haven’t been to a drive movie in years! What did you see?? I went to see The Glass Castle with some book club friends today– such a sad moving movie. OK, well, back to school for yo tomorrow –hope it’s a productive week! xox

          • Hi Rhonda, yes I’ll try to write a post about the car cruise and movies. It had been about 10 years or more since we’ve gone and it was really cool to have our son and his girlfriend drive us, just the opposite of what we used to do. The last time we went the boys were little and in their pjs! I want to read the Glass Castle, it’s written by Jeanette Walls or something like that, right? I read a book penned by her before but don’t remember the name. I hope your week is off to a great start! Blessings to you

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