Quilt for Baby Otto

Hello all– Finished a quilt for our lovable new grand-guy– baby Otto.  Thought you might like to see it.  I love stitching on a quilt, thinking about who’s going to wrap up in it, praying for them as it gets quilted together bit by bit.


And here’s that Otto with his pretty mom.  Blessings on all your days ahead dear baby boy.


45 thoughts on “Quilt for Baby Otto

    • Hi Sue! So fun to hear from you! So fun to quilt– are you taking classes?? I just learned halfway watching my grandma, so my quilts are pretty “rustic” but I love making them for the family. What kind of quilt are you working on now?? xo

    • Hey Mary– I have friends who take fancy quilting classes and make involved patterns and they are so beautiful– I think those are hard!! But I just do simple serviceable quilts and it’s easy– just takes a little time. Do you have any of your mom’s quilts?? I have a couple from my grandma that I love. hugs!

      • That’s precious to have some from your grandma! Yes, my mom gave me two beautiful quilts. One was made about 8 years ago for our bed, one side is an evergreen color and the flip side has creams, pale green and yellow. I also have a deep blue smaller quilt that I keep on my bed. She made a t-shirt quilt for my nephews when they graduated high school, all from their sports shirts. I want her to make one for Branden when he graduates from college, as he has many college t-shirts. Blessings to you, friend. Have a wonderful day! ❤

  1. Oh Rhonda – this turned out absolutely beautiful! I love that you used the black and white – the colors that newborns can actually see! I am sure this will be cherished for years to come. That cute Otto is lucky to have you as his grandma. -Kat

    • Thanks thanks Kat– you are always so kind and encouraging… It was super fun to stitch up. Hope you’re enjoying some mild fall weather there. (I’m waiting for a fire in the fireplace evening!). hugs hugs!

  2. That is absolutely breath taking! You have a gift of the craft. I wish I were creative. My oldest son is very creative. He can make something beautiful out of anything. That he inherited from his grandmother. I can’t wait see more on your blog ☺

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