Still Point in the Turning World

“When something comes along that hurts us, it drives us more into God and we grow more stable because He becomes our still point in the turning world.”    –Tim Keller (author, pastor)

Some of you know we’ve been walking though difficult circumstances the last few months.  Our hope, our rest, has been in God’s faithfulness and tender care. So thankful.

“Cast all your cares on him, because He cares for you.”  –1 Peter 4:7

P.S.  photo is from our kid’s home in Ojai across the valley.


28 thoughts on “Still Point in the Turning World

    • Thank you dear Debi– thanks for listening to my long involved story the other day… And I’m wondering how close the fire got to you all– did you have a lot of smoke & ash?? take care friend. xox

      • the fires were not too close but if it had jumped the freeway it would have been awful for us…now today with this new one…and Dennis sister is surrounded by the ones in the Napa Valley…so much heartache in the world. praying for you, Rhonda!!

        • I’d say the same Mary– always look forward to see what you are writing and thinking. Hope you are enjoying the weekend! Do yo have plans?? We had friends in for dinner last night, but are pretty lazy today! xox

          • Hi Rhonda, I have a four day weekend so I’m pretty happy. Yesterday I helped Tom clean up portions of our yard and brought scap metal and such to the salvage yard and read. This morning I lit my candles and ready my mystery book by Tana French, a good writer. It was peaceful and just what I needed. Then this afternoon I threw together a pumpkin pie for tonight. I do hope you are enjoying your weekend and we all need those lazy days so indulge! Hugs to you.

            • Hey Mary– sounds like a pretty satisfying day– especially curling up with a Tana French book in the middle of the afternoon! And pumpkin pie!! your lucky family! Larry and I spent the morning today cleaning up & trimming in the yard. We’re having a big post wedding party for our Laurel & John this Saturday– for people who couldn’t make ti to Wisconsin for the wedding. So we’re trying to tidy things up around here– hugs hugs Mary!

  1. Dear Friend – isn’t He such a good Friend. No better one to walk through life’s journeys with.
    My hugs and prayers are with you. Speedy process and miracles and surprises of all sizes.

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