Being Known

“The beautiful thing about God is that even though we cannot fully comprehend his love, he fully comprehends us.”       — Morgan Harper-Nichols  (Daily Life Devotional)

It’s true– we all want someone to truly know us, to understand us deeply.

I had a older woman friend in Spain.  She would have us for coffee and spoil our little kids like they were her own grandchildren.  We would walk arm in arm to the plaza for pastries.

And one day in her kitchen, she told me the story of her marriage to her husband.  She had been in love with another young man, but her parents arranged for this marriage.  He had provided well and it had been a fine home for two sons over the years.  But she ended telling me,  “I just wanted someone to know.”

We want someone to know…  The wondrous thing is that there is one who knows us profoundly and loves us fully– it’s an enormous comfort.  So thankful for the love and understanding of God.

Search me, God, and know my heart;”  –Psalm 139:23

photo– Marin headlands hike


10 thoughts on “Being Known

  1. When I find out that my husband or a friend of mine sometimes seems to know me better than I do, I always feel grateful. It is as if a friend is taking care of a piece of my soul. God knows me and takes care of me. I am thankful for that. Hugs!

    • I love these thoughts Simona– I wish I could take them and add them to the post– you are so smart and really know what’s true and lasting. thank you for being in touch. I’m learning a lot from you.. xo

      • Ciao Rhonda, it’s me who is learning from you! There is a bright sense of peacefulness in what you write and say. I bet people love to be around you 🙂 I certainly am very thankful I got to know you. Hugs!

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