Celebrating John and Laurel

Hello everyone– This past weekend we celebrated our John and Laurel here in California– They were married in the woods of Wisconsin in August,  so we had a little second party (because you can’t have too many parties!) here at our house for family and friends who couldn’t make it back to the wedding.

There was lots of busy prep going on a couple days ahead– picking up supplies (thanks Lulu & Jenon!), early morning cake decorating,  getting grand-girls all decked out in the “Link’s Camp” shirts! and setting out cupcakes, setting up tables.  (The bride & groom on the cake is from Grandma Lo’s 1949 wedding and has graced many family wedding cakes since!)


Then in came family & friends to congratulate John & Laurel, here with Roni & Bret– Jill & Tim loading up on bratwurst, salads and Wisconsin cheese!, Jobay hanging out at the cupcake table, chatting with friends, Grandma Lo and soon-to-be-mom Andrea, friends & family under the maples trees…



And thanks to my trusty kitchen crew (all 7 of you!) who slaved away all afternoon to make it all go smoothly– And the Gayland for brewing up a keg of Wisconsin Spotted Cow Beer!

Laurel and I ended the weekend with a birthday shopping trip to Homegoods and the requisite stop at Yogurtland.  Thanks for coming out– love you girl of my heart!

36 thoughts on “Celebrating John and Laurel

    • Hi Brigid– Nope– no men washing dishes this time!! But I had a crew of friends who tended to the food during the party– set out more drinks etc. And by the time the last guest went home they had washed all the dishes and stored the leftovers away in the fridge!! They’ve the best! How was your weekend? I’m imagining you tending things in your garden… hugs!

      • That is true friendship 😊 I had a quiet weekend last week but got into my garden on Wednesday a d planted more bulbs. Going shopping tomorrow to city an hour away and mreting a friend for lunch at a nice garden centre. 😊

        • Oh that sounds fun Brigid!! Talking with a friend over lunch is the best! I’m going to a garden place a ways from our house tomorrow with a friend– heard they have the best sweet pea seeds! We’ll have to compare gardening purchases!! xox

    • Hi Cindy– I’m just happy when they come in the door! Love setting plates all around the table with kids in the house… How was your weekend?? I’m imagining you out in the holller, camera in hand… xox

    • HI Suzanne- thanks! I just love having those kids at arm’s length! breakfast table conversations, a little shopping, watching HGTV — my idea of fun! How was your weekend?? blessings friend. xo

  1. Oh my God, Rhonda!!! This is an amazing blog post. Congratulations to John and Laurel. ❤ Sounds like a beautiful party – and that photo of Laurel at Yogurtland is priceless. Love to you Rhonda. Debbie hugs

  2. Wow! That was a party. Look at all the tables and people. It sounds like a lot of fun. And how neat is the tradition of the bride and groom on the cake? So cool.

  3. It looks like a special party! I can tell that entertaining is your thing, Rhonda. Unfortunately I get nervous even with small dinner parties. Maybe I should do it more often. Such lovely photos, dear friend. Thank you for sharing your family wedding celebration with us! Hugs💜🌈💕

  4. Oh my gosh, how fun is this? So many cupcakes!! And I love that the cake topper has been used multiple times, that is so special. But the really important question – how did you get a keg of spotted cow in CA?? We can’t even get it in IL unless we go up to WI and bring it back with us!! -Kat

    • Hey Kat! It was tons of fun– And our friend who is a retired chemist started brewing beer. He made a keg of Spotted Cow for our party– Laurel and John gave it the thumbs up! If you come out he’ll pour you a glass! hugs Kat!

  5. Oh my gosh, how fun, Rhonda! And that cake topper is such a special touch! Love that you brought some WI flair to sunny Cali! 🙂 I think you’ve inspired me to throw a party as soon as my house is in order. It might be just the thing to jumpstart my arrival back in MN!

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