Strawberry Topped Angel Food Cake

Hello friends–  The big news around our family is two babies to arrive in November!!  Our two beautiful nieces are expecting just about a week apart– so exciting!!  So last Sunday there was a family shower, all gathered around to bring gifts for the little ones and to offer blessings  and hugs.

And of course there was cake.  This couldn’t be simpler– It involves an angel food cake mix and some thin frosting. plus a few strawberries.  It’s sweet and fruity and pink.  Just about right for celebrating new babies on the way…

1 Angel Food Cake Mix*

2 oz. cream cheese, room temperature
2 oz. butter, room temperature
1 cup powdered sugar
8 strawberries cut to tiny bits

Garnish: fresh strawberries

To make the cake, following the directions on the package.  Cool the cake completely upside down perched on a bottle before taking it from the pan and adding the frosting.

Beat the cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar and cut strawberries with an electric mixer for a couple minutes until it blends into a creamy glaze.  Pour over the cooled cake.  Top with fresh berries!

*the only brand of Angel Food cake I can find here is Betty Crocker.  Please don’t buy an angel food cake premade– there’s a huge difference and making one from a mix takes less than 10 minutes (+baking time).


And here’s the new Moms!  Sam with Grandma Lo and the sweet clown doll Grandma knit for the baby.  And Andrea with her Paul and a new quilted baby blanket.  Such a fun day!


33 thoughts on “Strawberry Topped Angel Food Cake

  1. I love angel food but usually just top with fruit. The icing here would be so simple though, and I know the cream cheese would add a lot. Such a great twist, Rhonda. And 2 babies on the way is so exciting!

    • HI Lacey– I am excited for the new little ones coming– we’ll have a few new babies together at Christmas!! so fun. How’s things in OK?? And– just read through your piece from the Oklahoma City Moms Blog– so touching and real and beautiful!! I know God will use it to help/encourage other mothers with children in the same place. Thanks for your courage. hugs hugs!

  2. Yum, that cake looks melt-in-your-mouth delicious. My husband just walked by my computer screen while I was gazing at it. He said, ohhh, are you going to make that? Ha, not tonight! Such fun to have two more babies coming. I hope they’ll grow up to be good friends (and cousins). The homemade clown doll is adorable, and the quilt, too!

    • Hi Marcia– funny, Angel Food is my husband’s favorite cake. And we are counting the days til these babies arrive– We’re going to have a house full of babies when our big family gets together this Christmas! Hope all’s well with you– is it deep fall there now?? Would love to see the trees in your neighborhood! xox

    • Thanks Kat! Yep, we are excited for these little babies to arrive– this Christmas we’re going to have a crop of new babies at the bi family gathering! So fun. so how’s things in the midwest?? I heard snow flurries in Wisconsin! Stay warm! xox

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