November Thanksgiving

Hi friends– I love this month, when many people turn their hearts to thanksgiving.  Not just the turkey and pie Thanksgiving, but the opening of hearts to number all the reasons we have to give thanks.

To help, I’ve made a list to get me started, one reason to be thankful for each day of November.  I thought maybe you’d like to give  thanks each day as well…

#1.  Which friend are you most thankful for? Why?
#2.  What makes you thankful about the place you live?
#3.  What made you smile today?
#4.  What have you learned from a hard experience?
#5.  What about your parents makes you thankful?
#6.  What did you see today that is beautiful?
#7.  What is different than a year ago that makes you thankful?
#8.  What accomplishment makes you thankful?
#9.  What was your favorite outing in the last year?
#10. What beauty in nature makes you give thanks?
#11. What is a childhood memory that makes you thankful?
#12. What do you love about the current season of your life?
#13. Which family member are you most thankful for?  Why?
#14. What kindness have you received to make you thankful?
#15. What is something about your job that makes you thankful?
#16. Which comforts in your life make you thankful?
#17. What gift you received made you thankful?
#18. Which day with friends has filled you with thanks?
#19. What is something you’ve read this year that has provoked thanks?
#20. What about God in your life makes you thankful?
#21. How are you thankful for something you are looking forward to?
#22. What spot in your home makes you most thankful?
#23. What do you see in nature that inspires thankfulness?
#24. Which music are you thankful for?
#25. What talents are you grateful to have?
#26. What memory are you thankful for?
#27. What struggle can you be grateful for?
#27. Which family tradition are you most thankful for?
#28. Where do you thankfully find peace and rest?
#29. What has given you most joy in the past year?
#30. How can you continue to be thankful though the year ahead?

And here’s the grand-girls with their own form of thankfulness last Thanksgiving.  Those girls are one of the things I’m very most thankful for…

P.S. Thanks to for the Thanksgiving graphic.

38 thoughts on “November Thanksgiving

    • Hey Lisa! thanks– Those girls are tons of fun– driving up to see them Saturday for a birthday!! And– just checked our posts– loved your Halloween printables–and that poem was so much fun!! Fun to hear from you. hugs!

  1. What a beautiful post Rhonda, I love seeing your beautiful grand daughters, their sweet faces and bright smiles. We should all make a list of what we have to be thankful for, so many blessings. Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend.

    • Hi Suzanne– You’re so kind. those grand-girls are my joy– going up to see them this weekend for a birthday. What are you up to?? Is your Farmers Market still active in the fall? take care… xo

      • Yes! Lots of fun with our 6!!! Grandkids all under 6 years old! You are an inspiration of yummy cooking for family and friends! Love your book recommendations too! Blessings to your sweet family this Thanksgiving!

        • HI Debbie– You are really so kind– Are you the Thanksgiving cook in your family?? Kids coming in?? We’re having it here for the first time in years and I’m really excited. Hope all’s well with you… xox

  2. So, so thankful for YOU dear friend. For your hospitality, your unfailing faith in Jesus, your creativity, your loyalty, your smart mind and generous spirit. You’re the friend EVERYONE wants and needs!!

    • Jenni— you are the dearest. I would count you on the list of people I am most thankful for– I’ve learned so much from you… (like checking my grammar before I send this comment off to you! ha ha!). Love you friend.

    • Hi Brigid! Isn’t that helpful?? I know when I keep reminding myself of what I have to be thankful for, it keeps me from fretting and worries. Hope you have a good weekend ahead– singing?? cooking?? gardening?? off on an outing?? I’ll have to go read your posts to see! xox

  3. Hi Rhonda – I love this list. At Thanksgiving the last few years, I had everyone write out what they are thankful for. I like the idea of having prompts. I think I will pick a few of yours and put them on little sheets and people can pick out of a hat and write something for their prompt. -Kat

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