A Fine Week in San Francisco

Hello all– Home from a fine full week with kids in San Francisco.  The main event was sitting with Baby Lois for 3 days while her Mom worked, but there were long conversations over good meals with her parents, mornings with grand-kids Mae, Eero and baby Otto  and a park birthday party for 8 one year olds!

Little Lois and I spent our days sharing books –at home and the SF central library.


We spent a couple mornings hanging out with cousins Mae, Eero and baby Otto.

I especially loved snooping around the construction sight on Ani & Brian’s remodel.  It won’t be too much longer for them to move back in!


And the highlight of the week– a birthday party for 8 baby friends, all born in October 2016!  There were costumes and cake and lots of fun photos of all those cute kids!


So thanks Ani & Brian for taking me in, for beautiful meals at your table and pastry afternoons, for sharing the celebrations for little Lois.  It was the best.

28 thoughts on “A Fine Week in San Francisco

      • Sounds like your family will have a special Thanksgiving! I can’t wait! Our youngest son comes home and hopefully our oldest with his new finance. They’ve dated almost four years and live together. This week he proposed to her! Hugs to you, friend.❤💗

        • Oh Congratulations Mary!! So exciting! I now you’ll be the kindest, most loving mother-in-law. When my friend Anne’s son was about to be married– a bunch of us took her to lunch to give her all our mother-in-law advice! ha ha! Hope you have some mother-in-law friends to talk it all through with! So happy for you! xox

  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Those pics of Baby Lois and the books are too cute. And I feel like that baby party was probably the party of the year. What could top 8 babies dressed up? Probably nothing.

    • It was so fun! I’m just counting the days ’til Lois (& her parents) get down here for Thanksgiving! How’s your weekend look?? Big plans or catching up with yourself at home? I’m staying at my mother-in-laws house Fri- Sun while Larry is off on a trip with his Dad. So it’s real quiet weekend– lots of Hallmark channel Christmas movies!! Take care blog buddy!! xxoo

      • We had a jammed packed Saturday full of attending kid bday parties. So Sunday we went to church and then rested the rest of the day.

        Oh that sounds like a nice cozy weekend to me! Was it nice? I’m not usually into Christmas before Thanksgiving, but this year I am itching to start.

    • Hey Marcia– yep, Lois keeps us laughing… How’s your weekend look?? big plans? or resting up at home? Reading? (I have a new good book– Pachinko– about half through). Happy weekend Marcia!! xo

    • Hi Kat– they were tons of fun. That green thing on Lois’ head was suppose to be the top of her strawberry costume. Her mom said she had pink polka dotted pants and shirt, so she’d just be a strawberry to save from buying a Halloween costume! Hope you’re doing well Kat. xo

  2. I see that you had a great time in SF! Love the remodelling of that pink house too. Cool! You don’t see that pink colour for a house in Belgium. Is it a wooden house? Waw! When you were in SF, we were in Bruges for 3 days! 😉

    • Hey Sophie– I’m a little jealous!! We were in Bruges with our kids years ago– so beautiful and charming. And Larry and I watched a travel show about Bruges a couple weeks ago. How was your stay?? What did you eat?? I’ll bet it was the best!! I’m off to to look at your blog to see if you’ve posted about the trip… hugs hugs Sophie!

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