Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Hello dear friends–  Our house if full today.  Lulu’s come in the door with her arms full of chocolate cake, stuffing, sweet potatoes and her legendary dinner rolls.  The great grandparents are settled on the sofa and 4 little grand-girls are squealing around the house.  Pretty perfect!

I’m hoping you’re sitting down around the table today with people you hold dear.  I hope there’s hugs and laughs and extravagant thanks for the blessings of this year.

And so truly thankful for you all who read this little blog– it’s a joy to have blog-friends to talk with from near and far.

“Give thanks to the Lord, … Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of his wonderful acts. Glory in his name.  Let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.”                –1 Chronicles 6:8-10

P.S. thank you to pandagun.tumbler.com for the turkey graphic


16 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2017

    • Love that Debbie– Baruch Hashem– going to save it. We have a similar thing painted over the front door on the inside of our house– “Soli Deo Gloria” To God alone be the glory in Latin. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving– ours was unusual– A few of us got the stomach flu!! ugh. But the day together was sweet and fun!! Take care– talk to you again soon! xox

    • Hi Kat! Yep Thanksgiving was lots of busy fun– but a few of us got the stomach flu. Ugh. Have just a couple kids still here– and we’re all getting back to normal! Just fun to be together in ups and downs! Hope your Thanksgiving was healthy and happy! xox

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