The Not So Perfect Thanksgiving

Hi Friends–  Still pulling things together here after Thanksgiving.  It really was full of fun, family and fabulous food!!  But surprisingly  also included the flu!!    A few of us had a bout of that flu and a couple even spent all day Thursday in bed while the rest of us celebrated!!

I’ll just share the best bits of our Thanksgiving (flu aside); it was a fine full, truly thankful day for us here.

We tucked into a true feast– My favorite– Lulu’s sweet potatoes sliced up with apples, walnuts and whiskey!

And here are a few of my favorite moments all through the day–
Jodi organized a giving thanks game that had us all guessing and laughing,  cousins waiting for everyone to arrive.

Grand-girls making place cards for the table,  Micah & Grandma Lo’s after dinner talk.


My kitchen “helper” eating breakfast,  evening trumpet concert by Charlotte and Cousin Brett (our concert band teacher)

All in all, it was a fine day together.  Thankful, thankful for the people around the table with us, for all God’s  goodness to us in this year.


27 thoughts on “The Not So Perfect Thanksgiving

  1. That was a lovely look at your holiday. It looks much like ours minus the flu. Ooo. Sorry about that part. We two have horn players and grandmother talks, delightful sweet potatoes and more. We play games but don’t know about that thankfulness game you mentioned. I’d love to know how that goes. We just shared our thoughts on that topic. Your sweet potatoes recipe would be welcome too. I look forward to getting to know you. Lisa

    • Hi Lisa– It was a good day– Our Thanksgiving game went like this– Jodi had everyone write down what they were thankful for on a fancy card she had made, but no one signed their name. Then after dinner we took turns reading the and we had to all guess who had written each card– some were obvious and others took a lot of guesses! It was fun. And– loved your Antique Mall post– so many intriguing things! Wish we could drop in there! Fun to hear from you!

  2. Oh those grand girls in their matching plaid shirts!!! So sorry about the flu! That is the pits!! The only good part of the flu is recovering and giving thanks that you can walk and eat be human again. -Kat

    • Your’e right Kat!! It took a day or two to “feel human” again!! We’re all healthy and well now– but last night my kids 3 hours north called and they were evacuated because of wildfires. This morning Jodi and the 3 grand-girls came down. Micah (a boarding school teacher) stayed with students trying to get home. A substantial part of the school burned to the ground, but their home was mostly OK. So they be living with us for a few weeks… It makes the flu look pretty simple. Hope things are calmer in Illinois!! Hug hugs from here Kat!

      • Oh no! The school burned down?? How awful! So glad to hear everyone is safe though. They could not have found a better spot to find shelter during a crisis than you and Larry! You’ll make the best it of right, right?? Hugs to everyone in your household! -Kat

        • Hey Kat– Yep, it’s chaotic fun to have them here– along with their 2 squeaky guinea pigs! the girls are sewing pouches this afternoon and Jodi is fixing a big Chinese dinner in the kitchen (she’s from Hunan, China). so it’s never boring. Do you get a break at Christmas?? How is everything going?? hugs from here!

    • Thanks Marcia– but the flu was over pretty quick. But last night I got a call from our son that they were evacuating because for wild fires. Joci and the girls drove down this morning and Micah (who teaches at a boarding school) is helping students get home. A substantial part of the school burned down, but their house is mostly OK. But it will be a long rebuild– they’ll be staying with us for a few weeks. (OK, that’s all– thanks for listening! ). hugs from here friend.

    • Hey Lacey– nope we all pretty much were down for a couple days! But that seems easy now– Last night our Micah called and said they were being evacuated because of wildfires. This morning Jodi and the 3 grand-girls drove on down. Micah stayed at school (he teaches at a boarding school) and is helping students trying to get home. The school lost a few buildings, but their home is mostly OK. But they’ll be living with us for a few weeks. So thankful they and all the students are safe and well. (OK, thanks for “listening!” It’s been quite a day! hugs hugs from here Lacey!

      • OH my goodness, that sounds so scary. I heard an audio clip on NPR recently of people trying to evacuate and it made me cry it was so frightening.

        The fire was right there then if the school lost buildings. I hope you are able to enjoy the time and everyone continues to stay safe.

        • Hi Lacey– it was a scary week here. the kids evacuated Monday night. Tuesday the fires reached the school and burned down two large buildings and some smaller ones. But the fire fighters saved their home (mostly) and the town was surrounded by miles and miles of fires but it was held at bay from most of Ojai. Tomorrow the road up to the house should be open again so they are going to try to get some clothes, see the damage… So thankful they are safe, all the students are OK and home now and insurance will cover the things they lost. It puts things in perspective, you know? hugs hugs from here.

          • Wow yes it sure does put things into perspective. We are praying for them and you guys. It’s awful this is happening but also extra awful to be around the holidays.

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