Second Christmas at Home

Hi there friends– Just one more Christmas post!!  After our sweet time with kids up in San Francisco, we trekked back home for celebrations with family here.  It was a bustling few days and a small house bursting at the seams–a festive time with people we love.  (If you aren’t into way-to-many Christmas photos, you might want to skip this post!!)

We sat down to Christmas Eve lunch, four generations around the table,  opened a few gifts and passed around baby Lois.


Christmas Day– Gifts exchanged, new toys tried out and my favorite– Spanish tapas supper around the coffee table after all the hub bub had died down.



The week filled up with park walks and picnics, playing around the house with 4 grand-girls and a pass through In-and-Out as we ferried John & Laurel to the airport.





So thankful for the time with our kids– and for the chance to remember our Savior’s come to earth.  It was a Merry Christmas.


12 thoughts on “Second Christmas at Home

  1. It looks like such a wonderful time,and I always enjoy seeing the photos and the outings. And Spanish tapas! I remember you lived in Spain for awhile and what a great tradition that is!

    Happy New Years!!

    • Hi Sophie! To be honest, it was a little crazy with so many people in the house! But I love having our kids at arm’s length. It doesn’t happen often enough! Loved hearing the details of your time with family. thanks. Happy 2018!

  2. Never too many pictures! I laughed at you all passing baby Lois around instead of the egg nog. Everyone looks great and fun also to see Lois standing/sitting right up there playing with toys, seems like she was just born. And I love your granddaughter’s homemade stuffed monkey–well done!

    • HI Marcia– it was the best to have those grand-girls in the house! Maryann is our craft girl– always sewing or cutting or glittering! Fun to see your photos of Christmas past! thanks. xox

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