Keeping it Simple

Hello All– After a fine, very full Christmas time, things just got real quiet around here.  I’m ready for simple.  Simpler meals.  The house cleared of Christmas clutter.  A emptier schedule.  Shorter to-do lists.

So while I love the fresh start chance to make those New Years Resolutions, I want to keep it simple.  I have just two resolves.  Love God– think on him, talk to him, love and worship with all my heart, rest in his love for me.  And second, Love People–  Imagine what would make them feel loved, cared for and do all I can for them…

If I can do those two, it’s enough.

“Love the Lord your G0d with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength… Love your neighbor as yourself.”  –Jesus (Mark 10:30-31)

P.S.  The photo above are two people we truly love, Jac & Jackie, hiking in Wisconsin last summer.


33 thoughts on “Keeping it Simple

  1. Thank you for our post Rhonda. You have named the desires of my heart. Since Jan 1st I have bee simplifying my space to make room for love and creativity. When things become stressful and complicated as they did this week, I try to always bring it back to the two simple (yet huge) things you have mentioned here: loving God and loving others. This is what it all comes down to. Nothing beyond this matters. Thanks for reminding me of this today. I am going to take through my day this reminder of simple living and love. xo

    • You are so dear. Thanks Debra. Really that’s all I want my life to be– loving God and loving my people. But I let myself get distracted away from that by things that really aren’t as important. I think that’s why I’m reminding myself. And– I loved your post about your running progress! You are amazing to take on the snowy streets!! And is in encouraging to think how you did it bit by bit… thanks. hugs hugs!

      • Thank you Rhonda, I am so glad I found you on here. Me too I feel the same way, distractions get in the way, but thankfully we are always brought back to the basics of remember what love is about, and why. Thanks for being one of my encouragers around running–it is when I am running that my my mind is stilled, and filled with wonder for all that is good and beautiful. xo

      • Yes, school back in session this week…we had a lovely, yet busy holiday. I hope you, me, and Linda can get together again soon! Hope Micah and family are safely back home and not impacted by the horrible rain we had this week! See you soon!

        • HI Debi– lunch would be great!! How does your schedule look?? Micah & family are home but not quite settled. They are in faculty housing and will be moving to a new place next month. Always love to hear from you here! hugs hugs!

  2. Simplicity – such a rare commodity in such a busy age. I’m at the stage of my life where I feel the need to have to work harder and achieve more in order to get a stable career and be where I want to be later in life. But there’s value in remembering the principles that ground your life – God, and love – and striving to act on them in whatever you do.

  3. The west part is flat and dry. The east part is hilly and green. The region I grew up in northeast Oklahoma is known as “Green Country”. I bet TX is the same maybe?
    Now I’m central. It’ s not nearly as pretty.

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