A Day Worth Living

Hi friends– I don’t know about you, but I live by check lists.  Errands to run, emails to send, house chores to do, people to talk with…  The list doesn’t always add up to the best kind of day. So I’m thinking of a new check list– here it is:

#1.  Get up early.
#2.  Sit quietly before God- reading, praying, thinking.
#3.  Spend the morning doing something productive.
#4.  Get some sunshine.
#5.  And a little exercise.
#6.  Do something fun.
#7.  Make someone feel loved.
#8.  Learn something new.
#9.  Pull together a meal to share.
#10. Find a good book and read yourself to sleep.

I wonder what your list would include.  Is there something I’ve forgotten??  What would make a truly worthwhile day??

P.S. Photo is coming in from playing in the yard with little Lois– that always improves the day!


31 thoughts on “A Day Worth Living

    • Why thanks Cate!! OK, I have a question. Does you son Live in Scotland?? I thought you were all traveling together, but then I got the idea his home is there. It looked like a wonderful time in a beautiful place!! You know how to make anything fun! Glad you’re home safe and sound! xo

    • thanks Daisy– Ani (Lois’ mom) took the picture– I just stole it from a text she sent! I keep thinking of your post on the two years of changed eating– it was so encouraging. You’re amazing Daisy!

  1. Thanks Rhonda, and what a lovely photo of you and Lois. Being with toddlers always cheers me up–they love the world so much. I love this step on your list: Sit quietly before God- reading, praying, thinking. I want to do that more often. In the mornings before the day starts would be a good time! Another thing I love to do is run, as you know, and also there is a little path across from my Library where many lilac bushes grow in spring–can’t wait to go in there on my breaks for a few minutes of quiet and lovely lilac air. xo

  2. Hi Rhonda – this is a darn near perfect list. The one thing I might amend is #7 – get or give a hug. Because you know sometimes we mortals need to feel loved by someone else. -Kat

    • You’e so right Kat!! I need to add that in! My friend Jenni always says, “Spend all your hugs and kisses.” Hope your day has it’s share o hugs. I always love hearing from you Kat. thanks. xo

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