Home with Kids In SF

Hello there– Just home from a kid-filled week in San Francisco– Lots of quiet days breaking out the crayons and building blocks and library books.  I’m grateful to have sweet days with the 4 grand-kids up there.

My big occupation was keeping company with Little Lois while her Mom went to work– Here we are around the house.


One day Uncle Aaron picked us up for a morning with the cousins– Mae, Eero & baby Otto.

There was a park day out with friends.

And a morning inspection of the house remodel -almost done!!


It was a fine full week– love seeing how those grand-kids are growing and changing!  Thanks thanks Ani & Brian– and Aaron too.  It’s always the best to be together.

44 thoughts on “Home with Kids In SF

    • Hey Ruth! so fun to find you here. You the one who would know what a gift it is to have time with grand-kids! It’s so much fun to watch them change from month to month! Love you friend. xox

  1. What dolls! Look at that magnificent fireplace! Wow! It sounds like you had a great time with the grands! I haven’t mentioned it before but I’ve noticed your room with the built-ins – it looks like an ideal place for entertaining kids!

    • that’s funny Mollie– we do have built in bookcases with the best books from when I taught school– so it’s fun to have them to read with the grand-girls when they come in. And it was a fun trip– I think you know what I mean from your travels to Georgia!! Missing them now that I’m home! Need to get over and see what you’ve been cooking! xox

    • Hi HI Cate! It was a sweet time– and I just checked and saw you have posted about your big trip!! What an amazing way to spend Christmas. You know how to make everything fun. I’m off to read it… love to you Cate!

  2. Oh, Rhonda, those grandkids of yours are so cute!! What a precious time! They must miss you after you leave! But isn’t it great we now have FaceTime available so we can talk to our grand kids?!

    • Oh I so agree Daisy. I facetime with that Lois 2 or 3 times a week, but now she’s getting old enough that she wants to hold the phone!! That doesn’t always work! ha ha. Hope you’re having a great weekend– I can imagine you are busy taking care of people (and hopefully sewing!) hugs!

  3. Hi Rhonda, oh I can’t get over the cuteness of these photos. What beautiful children. And beautiful renovation. Glad you could have such lovely family time. Thanks for sharing your memories with us! xo

    • Hi Debra!! thanks for bearing with my family photos– It’s sort of my way to scrapbook times with kids. Been missing your posts– hope you are feeling better and everything is OK. You really have so many smart things to say… xox

      • So kind of you Rhonda. I still have some dizziness and every time I sit down to write a post, I realize I’m not quite ready yet. But soon I hope! Thanks for wanting to read my stories, it means a lot.

  4. Oh Rhonda what a magnificent trip! I love these photos and the time you get to spend with your family. So full of love and joy. Little Lois (and all the rest!!) is gorgeous — and the new remodel is really elegant. Sending you love, Rhonda, and many hugs xo Debbie

    • Hi Kat! well, their house is kind of pink. It’s a 1938 row house– so no sides. The front is mint green and the back is pink! They should be moving in, in the next few days after almost a year of remodeling. So that’s exciting for us! We repainted our house (finally!!) last fall and went for light gray to light gray– not nearly as much fun! OK, hope you’re in the middle of a cozy weekend! We’re watching Olympics with friends in a bit. hugs!

        • I think I get how it’s going Vero. Lois does Chinese 3 days a week with her other Grandparents so she is a little like Canito. And we lived in Costa Rica the a year when our Aaron was between 1 and 2 years old. He was in a Spanish speaking preschool while we went to Spanish classes and he was slower to talk than our other kids– processing 2 languages as he was just beginning to talk! But what a gift to Canito that he’ll be trilingual!! It’s jut fun to be able to hear what they’re thinking!! hugs from here!

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