Wisconsin in Winter

Hi friends!!  We’re just back from our stay in Wisconsin with our kids– John & Laurel.  Those two know how to make everything fun.  So here’s my favorite– “Great Eight” things we did for our Wisconsin winter!!

#1.  One afternoon Larry and I trekked down to the campus of University of Wisconsin, for a stroll through the campus, a stop for the best ice cream (from their dairy department!) and a walk on the frozen lake!!  yikes!


#2.  We also studied our way through the Chazen Art Museum on campus one afternoon– small, but with a wide range of art from around the world and across genres.


#3.  Saturday morning we browsed at the indoor Farmers Market, where each week a different restaurant in Madison, serves up a wholesome breakfast (That week was root veggie hash!!)


#4.  On a blustery afternoon Laurel ferried us over to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens to wander through their greenhouse tropical garden– lush and warm and filled with singing canaries!

#5.  We tagged along with John & Laurel and their realtor Wade, while they did a little house hunting around Madison (But are still looking to find the perfect place).

#6.  Our most Wisconsin-ish adventure was an evening at the Fishing Expo– I had no idea there are so many many accessories to fishing, from boats to lures to wall mounted trophy fish!


#7.  Madison has a gorgeous new library downtown so one day we hiked down past the capital building and on to the library, where we raided the new book section an sat and read to our hearts content.  (P.S. the sculpture on the library wall is all made of battered old bookends!)


#8.  And last but sure not least, we had several wonderful meals with Laurel and John– starting with an assortment of coffee shops, a few morning walks to Batch Bakehouse, Salvatore’s Tomato Pies (the Best Pizza!), fashionable Mint Mark Cafe for breakfast, Noddle’s & Company Pad Thai, and our very own John’s incredible burgers at home!



Loved every minute with our John and Laurel.  They know how to hug and talk to and feed visiting parents in the very best sort of way!  Thanks you two!!  We can’t wait to come back to Madison…


50 thoughts on “Wisconsin in Winter

  1. Hi Rhonda – looks like you made the best of Madison even in extreme temps. It is weird to walk on the lake in winter, isn’t it? Was anyone ice fishing? And the food!! Man, you ate well! -Kat

    • Hey Kat- we did see a lot of people ice fishing!! Some with tents out on the water. And right where we were standing for that picture, a guy pulled a really huge fish out of a pretty small hole!! I don’t know how he did it! crazy! Stay warm!! xox

    • Agree Daisy! We had fun making dinner for each other. And we did eat out on the go a lot! Loving your instagram quilting series!! Your sewing room is awesome! (and you make such use of it!) xox

    • Hi hi! The indoor Farmers Market is pretty small, next to the beautiful one there in the summer. But it’s fun to pick up something and make dinner around it. And– we don’t have Noodles & Co. here in California– so it’s a treat when we get back to Wisconsin! Hope all’s well with you… xox

  2. HI Rhonda, I loved looking through these photos and seeing all the fun stuff you did while you visited with your family! Particularly, I loved reading about the foodie stuff, the coffee shops, Pad Thai, breakfasts and more. Also, loved reading about the fish place, and the farmer’s market, and was that a library you were in as well? xo

    • Hi Debra– Yep, Madison has the most beautiful 4 story library. The kid’s section has so many cubbies and nooks to read in. And the new books section is enormous!! So Larry and I just loaded up on new books and sat and read for over an hour. Loved it. They also have a well stocked used books store and a cafe that serves coffee and chocolate desserts! I’m a big library fan! (think you have the best job!). xox

  3. Wow, there really wasn’t much snow! I love Madison and haven’t been there for ages…years ago I used to meet friends from Chicago there, it was about halfway. Well, closer for them, I think! What a fun fun post. That burger looks pretty amazing! I think Madison is like a little enclave in the middle of WI.

    • We really like Madison too– with the capitol and the University there, there is lots going on. Nice restaurants and events, but it seems so friendly and accessible at the same time. We’ll be making plenty of trips back there, I’m sure. hugs hugs Mollie! xox

  4. I love your blog! Such a great way to keep everyone posted. Your photos and captions are always so nice! Glad you had a good time in WI

    • HI Deb!! So fun to hear from you here! I was sad we couldn’t get together last week– but you know we’ll be back soon!! We did have big fun with the kids and John made us some awesome burgers!! Hug hugs!

  5. They sure do know how to make everything fun. I know I’ve told you this before, but I seriously had zero interest in Wisconsin until you started posting about it. Now it’s totally on my radar! Looks so pretty and fun. Thanks for always sharing, Rhonda.

    • Thanks Brigid!! I think they are just figuring out what they want/need in a house. it was fun wandering through some possibilities! I’m sure they’d love a gorgeous walled garden like yours… hug hugs!

    • Oh thanks Marcia. I think we have similar ideas about travel activities! That library was awesome– 20 times the new books we have in our little library at home! and the museum was such a pleasant afternoon for us. We’re going to Seattle in a couple weeks and Iv’e read they have an amazing library too. Can’t wait to check it out! Hope you’re doing well and staying cozy Marica! xox

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