Some Favorite Books by Roald Dahl

Hi all- I love kid’s books– have a bookcase full, up to the ceiling, ready for grand-kids to chose from.  And reading with kids?? The Best!  So looking back at reading with my kids, reading to my school kids and reading with grand-kids, I’d have to say my favorite read aloud author has to be Roald Dahl– just for the pure sense of fun and adventure that fill the chapters of his books!  (Not to mention the expressive delightful illustration by Quentin Blake!)

So here is the short list of my favorite Dahl read-aloud books.  How many of them have you chuckled through??

The BFG is the swashbuckling tale of The Big Friendly Giant, who along with little Sophie, sets off to save the children of England from being eaten by a band of blood curdling giants!!  The story involves some magical dreams, rollicking language and the Queen of England!  A favorite.


A favorite of readers, Matilda, tells the story of a prodigious little reader who comes up against the harshest headmistress of all time and with the of her beloved teacher, Miss Honey, she brings the ugly Miss Trunchbull to justice.  Matilda is bright, thoroughly lovable character.  Love the unexpected happy ending.


In Fantastic Mr. Fox, the Fox, father of a family of foxes, protects his family by outwitting the 3 mean farmers who are after him– fat Boggis, squat Bunce and skinny Bean.  It will have you guessing how that fantastic fox will do it and you are rooting for him all the way!  Full of fun.


Mr. Hoppy of the book Esio Trot, is in love with his neighbor, Mrs. Silver. But she only has eyes for her pet tortoise, Alfie.  So Mr. Hoppy schemes through a series of tortoises for a way to gain Mrs. Silver’s affection.  It’s a sweet lightheaded story and Mr. Hoppy gets his happy ending!


A remarkable Grandmother, warns here young grandson how to spot a witch in this page turner, The Witches.   When the boys encounters a room full of witches on holiday with his grandma, he is turned into a mouse!  But that does not stop him (or his grandmother) from bringing the witches to their just reward.  A tender tale of the young boy and his ever loving grandmother.

Finally, I would offer you, D is for Dahl, a comprehensive A to Z guide on all things Roald Dahl.  It is not a biography, but rather a dictionary of facts, trivia and way detail about Roald Dahl, his stories and his beloved Characters.  A lot of fun for any Roald Dahl fan!


“I have a passion for teaching kids to become readers, to become comfortable with a book, not daunted. Books shouldn’t be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage.”  –Roald Dahl (1916-1990, British, author, screenwriter, fighter pilot)


20 thoughts on “Some Favorite Books by Roald Dahl

  1. I love reading Fantastic Mr. Fox with the kids at school! I read it every year to new groups and it’s so exciting that they want to keep reading! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is great too! Rhonda, have you read Dahl’s Boy? It’s sort of an autobiography of his younger years and a good read. Happy reading, friend!😄👍🌈

    • Hey Mary– we did Fantastic Mr. Fox too in scaffolding reading groups. Kids loved it. yes– I’ve read Boy and also his 2nd autobiography, Going Solo, about when he was a pilot in WWII. He had a fascinating life, not always the nicest person, I think. But love his rollicking stories! Hope you’re enjoying your week with Branden!! xoxo

      • Yes I got the impression he wasn’t always the nicest person. That is unfortunate! Right now I’m working on several different things with different groups, bossy r controlled syllables, main idea, beginning reading skills, comprehension like characters, setting, cause and effect. I’m always busy and it’s always different! Hugs, dear friend.😍💜

  2. The man was a genius. I think I have read them all except for Esio Trot, which sounds pretty cute. I might just have to check that out at the library. Pay no mind that I do not have any young readers in my house anymore. I love kids books and kids movies too. To wit: Am excited to go see a Wrinkle in Time, loved that book! -Kat

    • Me too Kat. Love his quirky fun style. I have loads of kid’s books and have the excuse of the 3 grand-girls to take to children’s movies I want to see! (We went to see Wonder around Christmas). Have to got to Wrinkle in Time yet?? Loved loved the book and the trailers I’ve seen of the movie looks pretty different. Wondering how it is… (Try Esio Trot– short and charming!). P.S. Let me know what you think of the movie!! xox

  3. I have never read Roald Dahl although my then eight year old read Matilda to himself last summer. I just saw CHarlie and the Chocolate Factory on my shelf. I will pull that one our next for my son.

    • Oh Matilda is one o my very favorite books! Read it every year to my kids when I taught 3rd or 4th grade! have you seen the movie?? It’s pretty fun/sweet/ good too! How old is your son?? Love hearing about kids reading! xox

      • My son read it last year when he was eight. And yes, he saw the movie. It is awful at the same time as being sweet. And to think some children have to deal with parents like that. Heartbreaking.

        • You’re right Lisa– awful and sweet (and pretty funny, at least in the movie!). When I taught school, I was amazed and sometimes sad at what 4th graders had to go through in family situations. There were a few kids I wished I could adopt! Are you a teacher?? With all your book ideas, I sort of think you might be… xox

    • Hi Marcia– I have a soft spot for his quirky adventuresome books. Have you seen the Matilda movie?? thought it was really. But the recent BFG movie just overdid the effects and lost the charm of the book. Do you have a very favorite children’s author?? or several?? oxox

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