A Quiet Anniversary

Hi friends–  This week Larry and I marked anniversary #43!  It is one of those “how can that be?” kind of numbers.  But then again, I can barely remember when we haven’t been married.

So yesterday we headed down toward the beach to mark a quiet celebration– pizza lunch at Mozza (a fancy day out for us!), a walk around the perimeter of Balboa Island and a stop for a frozen banana (Larry) and an ice cream (me).



We have a couple big trips in April, and Easter and lots of hub bub in between.  So I liked our quiet day– walking, talking, planning some things ahead.  So thankful to be married to this guy.


49 thoughts on “A Quiet Anniversary

  1. Sounds an absolutely perfect day. Congratulations to you both. It’s lovely to see a couple so happy after 43 years but then you are both very special people so I am not surprised. Happy anniversary xxx

    • Thanks thanks Rosie– From looking at your photo I’m sure you have been married not nearly so long. But it is a joy to have someone at your side who knows you well and has lived so much of life together. And– loved your Easter posts– your photos of the flowers and outdoors there are so wonderful. Happy Easter!

    • Hi Mary– Anniversaries are a good time to remember to be thankful for that guy who takes good care of you year after year! How long have you two been married?? And how did you meet Tom? Happy Easter there friend! xo

      • Yes, our guys sound the same that way. Tom is true and loyal year after year and still makes me my cup of coffee every morning. We have been married 22 years and together for 24. I met Tom through my mother in law Theo. We worked together and she invited me over for dinner and we met when he and his dad came home from work! The rest is history…maybe someday I’ll write a post on it. Happy Easter to you and your family. Enjoy every moment!

  2. You guys are the cutest! This looks like an awesome day. Thanks for being married all these years and being great parents to us 🙂

    • Hey Daisy!! thanks– and can I say how much I am loving your instagram quilt series!! incredible– loved loved the “quilt” of inspiration photos– each one so pretty. And you sewing room is so impressive!! Who wouldn’t want to spend time stitching in there?? Love you friend. xo

    • It was a good one, Marcia– We’re leaving on a little trip tomorrow– first time ever on a cruise–just up the west coast. That’s our real celebration. Hope you’re launching into a good week! xox

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