Easter with the Family

Hello friends– Hope you have a blessed Easter.  Time to remember the depth of our faith.  And to gather together with people we hold dear.  It’s a beautiful holiday.

So after church on Sunday, family started to pour in the door– great grandparents here to see the grand-girls, my sis Luanne with her incredible hot dish of potatoes.  We all sat down to ham and all the mixings.


Of course, we had girls hunting for eggs in the back yard–with Gr. Honey and Gr. Lo watching on.

So thankful for these dear faces.  One of the greatest gifts God gives is the people he puts in our lives.  Glad for days we can spend together.


18 thoughts on “Easter with the Family

      • Hi Rhonda, I have been playing with a few names, but can’t seem to land on the right one. So I am back to Away In Autumn now, and will see what happens. All is well, we are in the middle of the beginning of an ice storm here, and I am at work, waiting to go home in a few hours. I charged my laptop so that even if power goes out, I can still write a blog story. I have a new way to follow along with my posts, and send weekly or monthly story updates, in case you want to follow along. If so there is a new subscription spot at the top left side of my blog! xo Be well, hope things are good.

    • Hey Daisy!! Got your good email, but we’re traveling with little WiFi and just my phone (I think you get that!) so I’ll catch up with you soon as we get home! hugs from Seattle friend.

  1. I missed this post earlier, but so glad to see it now. Your pictures are filled with love. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter. We did, too, but now we’re back to heavy rain and ‘almost’ snow. Spring will find us eventually! xo

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