Field Trip– Judson Studios

A watercolor of the ramshackle Judson Studios building, in the city of L.A.

Hello everyone–  A couple weeks ago our buddy Paul organized a “field trip” for a bunch of us to Judson studios, where they have been turning out gorgeous stained glass since 1897.  It is a family operation, now run by the 5th generation of Judsons.

First stop was the designer’s office, work all done on computers.  Then on to the room of glass samples and tables where it is cut from a pattern.


We moved on to the workshop where they bend the lead and assemble the windows.

And stepped up into the painters studio, and watched an artists add details to a face to be placed in a church window.


Thanks Paul and Sue for getting us all together for a wonderful day!

26 thoughts on “Field Trip– Judson Studios

    • Hi Susie! I know– it would be fun to see the widows in place where they end up! We did go to Hollywood First Presbyterian after the tour and see the windows there that had been done by the same factory. Beautiful. Hope all’s well with you! xox

    • It was a fun day– after the stained glass factory, we drove over to a church in Hollywood that has their windows– beautiful! How you doing?? We keep getting texts of more snow in Wisconsin!! Hope it’s slowing down in Illinois! xox

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