High Seas Highlights

Hi all — Just back from our very first time going on a cruise.  Our friends Paul and Sue (experienced cruisers & close friends for almost 40 years) invited us along on a trip up the western coast from L.A. to Vancouver.  So we tagged along and here are some of the best bits about cruising up the coast with good friends.

We arrived at the terminal and settled into our smallish rooms. Then set out to explore the ship–15 floors of lounges, dining rooms, shops and decks and places to settle in.


Between ports, we passed the time reading (it’s a gift to have friends who like to sit and read the morning away), eating (too much!) and enjoying the ships entertainment venues (here- a pop concert, interview with a Oscar winning song writer and our favorite piano violinist team from Russia)


And of course there was the meals, high tea and snacks galore.  Plus my favorite– a tour of the ships kitchen.



After 7 pleasant days, we glided into Vancouver B.C. docking right up nestled in the city!! (See Larry at the rail, taking a photo).   And I’ll end with our last late night walk around the deck.  Thanks thanks Paul and Sue.  We love time to talk and laugh and relax with you two!


41 thoughts on “High Seas Highlights

  1. This looks like so much fun. Before we went full time to travel in the RV, we cruised a lot (my husband’s parents take at least two a year, so we did it to spend time with them). I’m so glad you had a relaxing and wonderful time. Dawn

      • They are in their 80s and work a part time job simply to buy their cruises–it’s pretty amazing. Most of the reunions for my husband’s family are done on a cruise ship. We’ve halted the cruises for a while and pull the RV into Austin every few months to spend time with them on land. There’s just something special and relaxing about a cruise–I’m so glad you enjoyed yours!

  2. What a fun cruise! And to share it with great friends who also enjoy reading leisurely is perfection! Our Alaskan cruise experience is one of our best memories! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing these great pictures. I’ve been on two cruises. An ocean cruise to Bermuda and a river cruise down the coast of France. I much prefer river cruises as I’m prone to seasickness. The food and entertainment is the best, don’t you think? 🙂

    • What could be better than a river cruise in France?? Where did you travel through?? I’ll bet the food was wonderful. And I’m sure the ship must be smaller than our huge one. It sounds lovely Marcia. Happy weekend ahead!! Any plans? xox

    • HI Cindy– I think being with friends we enjoy so much made it fun. We’e off again tomorrow early for a trip to Hong Kong, China and Japan with our kids. We don’t usually travel this much– I feel like you, Cindy!! I always wonder where you’ll be off to next. hugs!

  4. Hi Rhonda – it looks like you had a blast. We love to cruise but haven’t been on one in a while (hmmm, might have to rectify that). So fun you got a behind the scenes tour of the galley! I would love to do that. I hope you got to spend some time in Vancouver, it is a fun city. -Kat

  5. I didn’t realize you were going to Vancouver so soon. I failed you. I also didn’t realize you were cruising. It’s a lovely experience isn’t it? Welcome back.

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