Vancouver Days

Hi all–  Been telling a few of you about our travels– a cruise up the coast, some days in Vancouver and Seattle, home for 3 days and then an unexpected trip to Hong Kong, China and Japan with our kids, Ani & Brian!  My head is still spinning.  This is going to to take more than one post to fill you in…

So let’s start with our 3 days in Vancouver. We were so taken with the city and it’s gorgeous setting on the water, surrounded by snowy mountains.  And those Canadians– they’re so nice!!

So here’s what we loved– spent our first morning wandering across Granville Island and it’s amazing market.  It made me want to find a kitchen and cook!  And you get to the Island one of the colorful little ferries–such a great start to our stay.



Spent a gorgeous afternoon in Stanley Park, 1,000 acres of coast line views, towering forest, flower filled gardens, surrounded by city skyline.



And we loved wandering the city– The the wilds of the park, through the towering downtown and on to the historic district of Gastown and Chinatown beyond, in and out of shops and coffee spots and stopping to admire a beautiful downtown church…



And to top if all off, we spent a soggy but stunning day at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park–  we swayed across the 450 foot bridge suspended over a deep river gorge, walked through the treetops, followed the nature trail and traversed walkways hung from the sides of sheer cliffs!!  A whole lot of adventure in a gorgeous towering forest.





Whew!  so may photos (are you still reading??  thanks!).  It was a beautiful stay in a lovely city.  I’m hoping we can return someday.  And thanks thanks Larry for being my intrepid travel buddy!  xo


58 thoughts on “Vancouver Days

    • Hi Cecilia!! Did you live in Vancouver?? Such a remarkable, beautiful city. And it’s been fun catching up on some of your posts now that we’re home– loved your cookie post! xox

  1. This is so fun to see these ‘old stomping grounds’ through your eyes! I have 21 cousins who all lived in the Vancouver area and so we would tromp through Stanley Park, rent a rowboat, skip on the Capilano Bridge–and so much more. Thanks for the memories!!

    • Hey Brad. It was great– big city, with lots of nice people and lots of nature all around. And some great bookshops. We didn’t make it to Victoria– but all I read about it looked wonderful. WE’ll both have to plan trips back! Hugs to you and Kathy!

  2. Vancouver is now definitely on my wish list! Loved your post, Rhonda! (You’d be perfect for Vancouver’s Travel Bureau!)

    • Hey Sandy– I think you and Bob would love it. We ran into the best food and some great book shops. And so much nature laced into a big city. Fun to sit across from you Tuesday. hugs!

  3. Hello Rhonda, I’ve been to Vancouver a couple of times and love it there. Love Granville Island and Stanley Park, and Gastown. Your pictures are beautiful. I am currently visiting family in Victoria, not too far away. Love it here too. Blessed to have family living in such a relaxing and wonderful place.

    • hi Debra! So glad for your family trip! Victoria looks so beautiful and historic– I was wishing we could have made it there too. It would be fun to hear about your time there… happy travels! xox

      • Hi Rhonda, thanks so much. It’s been a really fun trip. Victoria is very beautiful and historic yes. It’s interesting for me, because I’ve been here so many times, that I feel very at home, and yet still a bit like a visitor or tourist, so I still see it with fresh eyes. I am working on a post story now, on best places to visit in Victoria! 🙂

  4. Gorgeous pics and I always love your narratives! I almost feel like I was there! I’d have to crawl across that bridge, I think, lol!! I went off a cliff years ago and it left me with a fear of heights! You’d think it would have left me with a fear of bad driving, instead! I need to play catch up and see what you’ve been up to on your adventures.

    • Yikes! That sounds terrifying Mollie! So no, I don’t think you’d love the bridge. It’s 230 feet over the river below. But I get it. My sis and I almost drowned in a lake on a summer vacation and I’m not too fond of going underwater. Fun to be back in touch! xox

  5. Love Vancouver! You hit all the hot spots. Wasn’t that bridge fun?? And Granville Island is the best! We biked the entire circumference of Stanley Park and had a ball, even my older son who is a bike-grump! -Kat

    • Funny– does every family have a bike-grump?? Loved the market at Granville– was wishing it were in my neighborhood! Do you have other places in Canada that you recommend?? hugs hugs Kat!

    • Hi Lacey– we’d never been either, but it was such a great city– Schools almost out– do you have summer plans?? Is it hard to get vacation when you’re launching into a new job?? hugs Lacey!

      • No big plans. We maybe do some mini weekend trips, but we are saving my time off and our money for maternity leave this year. Lincoln is READY for school to be out though. I think he’s got 7 days left. Almost there!
        Do you have any more summer travel plans laid out?

        • HI Lacey– My Wisconsin daughter, Laurel is coming out to San Francisco for a work conference, so I’m going up to spend a week with both my girls in one place first week of June. excited about that. And we’re going camping at Sequoia (redwood forests) in August, one of my favorite places on earth. My other big project is Vacation Bible School– it’s a big deal at our church. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend. I wasted most of today watching the Royal Wedding– did you see it?? hugs hugs!

          • Oh all of those sound amazing, especially the Sequoia camping. I think that is going on my bucket list actually.
            I didn’t see the wedding! I was too busy with our stupid garage sale, but I’m going to go back and watch it when I have time. What did you think of it?

            • Loved the wedding– every detail so beautiful and the service was so worshipful. And they looked so happy!! And– so how did the garage sale go?? Plus– oh, you’d love Sequoia!! So majestic and great hikes in every direction. If you come west, camp and Sequoia and you can come down and stay with us to visit Disneyland! hugs Lacey!

            • Camping at Sequoia and Disney sounds like a perfect trip combo. If we ever make it that way I’m totally taking you up that!

              I don’t know if there’s anything pretty enough in Oklahoma to reciprocate the offer, but if you are ever in my neck of the woods you are welcome here too 🙂

    • Hi Karen– it was a lot less scary than I thought it would be! (and I’m not a risk taker!!). Loved your New England photos Karen– made me want to get on a plane headed east! xox

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