Soggy in Seattle – Three Great Days!

Hi Friends– Wondering if your planning a summer trip??  We did all our travels in April!!  So here’s our update on some really enjoyable (but soggy!) days in Seattle…

We took the train along the coast from Vancouver to Seattle watching the sun set along the way…

First stop the next morning was Pike’s Place Market– amazing banks of tulips for sale, along with produce and fish and loads of other tourists taking it all in!



We visited 2 beautiful museums– the large Seattle Art Museum, with it’s varied collection (first photo: life imitating art?) and the next day dropped in to the smaller Frye Art Museum, displaying the 19th century collection of the Frye family.



A highlight of our stay was a little shopping– at the amazing Elliot Bay Book Store, a Seattle institution with every book you could hope to find!  And a stop at beautiful Metsker’s Maps.



And we serendipitously ran into the new super green office building of Amazon and shopped at their easy payment grocery store, Amazon Go– (just sign up for the AP and it bills you as you walk out the door!! No checkout line.)


There was a morning spent wandering through the Klondike Gold Rush Museum (an urban National Park!)


And we had a night out on the town to see a rollicking version of “Kiss Me Kate!” at the historic Chinese themed 5th Avenue Theater.  Really a lot of fun!


Our last day we spent a wonderful worshipful morning in a young church in downtown Seattle. Loved that.  And then took the Ferry out for an afternoon on Bainbridge Island– great city vews as we set out on the water.


Thanks Larry for getting us all around town at about 6 miles of steps per day!!  Love being your intrepid traveling buddy.


37 thoughts on “Soggy in Seattle – Three Great Days!

  1. Always love ‘traveling’ with you guys. Makes me want to follow you and Larry around. You get so much in! Love your pictures of places, food, books, plays, food, boats, sunsets, everything!!!

  2. Rhonda, such lovely photos of the market and I especially love the bookstore! Because I love books and bookstores, always 🙂 Some day when I visit Victoria, I will also visit Seattle! It’s on my list. xo

    • Oh you should Debra! We took the train down along the coast– Amazing to see the coast o Canada and above Seattle. And I think you’d love love Elliot Bay books. hugs Debra!

      • that does sound so lovely Rhonda, especially seeing the Canadian coats from the other side… and yes, will check out Elliot Bay! Glad you had fun. Thanks for inspiring me to go there. xo

        • You’d love it Debra– I spent a LONG time in the Elliot Bay book store– but just got 2 books (one for me, one for grand-girl Lois). I’m a pretty confirmed library user (you may be glad to hear!), hugs hugs!

  3. Rhonda, even though it was soggy it looks like a great time! I’ve always wanted to see Pike Place market. Years ago when I worked for a grocery store they showed us a video of the workers there, how positive and fun they were and how it attracted customers and hosted such a wonderful atmosphere. They were throwing the fish to each other and singing! Your museum visits look cool as well as the Amazon Go shopping experience! thanks for sharing! Hugs!xoxo

  4. Hi Rhonda – wow you saw such a ton of things in just three days. Love the pictures from the market. And a friend of mine just visited the Amazon offices and Go store and said it was amazing! I’m going to have to visit the gold rush museum next time I am out there, I cannot resist NP stuff! – Kat

    • Me too Kat. I’m a a big National Park fan– have my seniors park pass!! We’re thinking of a U.S. road trip some year ahead and I’d love to map out as many parks as we could hit. And– the Amazon Go store was cool. A pretty smallish market, but we got a fancy free shopping bag for a souvenir! — Loved your Black Eyed Susan Cocktail recipe– great for summer with friends. thanks. xox to you there!

    • Hey Brad– Didn’t seen the guys throwing fish!! Maybe we weren’t there early enough?? I’m guessing you didn’t see so much in Seattle because you were working while you were there, right?? We really liked the city– went to a great new church downtown with lots of young families and a wonderful worshipful service. It was a highlight. And Happy Birthday (almost)!!! hugs hugs!

  5. Oh Rhonda, I’m just catching up on all your posts since I just got back on Monday and have been sick… LOVE all your photos on this post! Wow! Feels like you took us along on your travels! So much fun to see all the different places, food, art, etc! Thanks for letting us tag along!

    • Hey Daisy– how you feeling by now?? Sounds like you’ve been so busy! We had so much fun on our travels, but it’s good to be home to people here. I’m sure you know what I mean. hugs hugs friend.

    • Fun Marcia– wonder when you traveled to Seattle, ?? If you ever get this way to southern California, we have a a little guest room!! And are 20 minutes from Disneyland and 30 minutes from the ocean. Would be fun to have you!! take care friend. xox

    • I can spend a whole lot of time in a good book store– and it was amazing. Is your book club meeting in June? We’re reading Beneath a Scarlet Sky (another WWII book). xox Lacey!

      • We actually just meet last night. We read a few novellas from Stephen King’s old book Different Seasons. Apt Pupil didn’t leave a good taste in anyone’s mouth, but everyone seemed to like The Body. It’s what the movie Stand By Me is based on. Plus we meet at a gelato shop. So that was good of course.

        Do you like Beneath a Scarlet Sky so far?

        • A Gelato shop??! Brilliant! Beneath the Scarlet Sky was a page turner– a young man in Italy, WWII. But hard to believe a guy could love through all he describes!! Based on an actual person– heard it’s going to be a movie. How was your weekend?? Did you get to sit back and relax??

          • Ohhh that does sound good. I have to break up my WWII reads, can’t handle too many close together. I’ll look that one up. I’m curious!
            Noooo. . . . I took the kids out of state to visit my grandma. They did SO well, but I was still tired by the end of the days. Maybe this weekend . . .

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