China Family

Hello all– More of our recent travels (If you are absolutely bored by other people’s trip photos, you might just want to skip this post!!).  We had an exciting eventful couple weeks traveling with our kids, Ani, Brian and Little Lois to China, Hong Kong and Japan!  We started off in China, visiting our son-in-law Brian’s extended family there.  Such warm, kind people.  Here’s our China stay…

The first morning 18 month old Lois met up with her 100 year old Great Grandmother.

And the most fascinating part of the trip for me was wandering into the now mostly abandoned village with Brian’s Dad, Kai and his sister, who had grown up there.  Kai showed us the well, where they drew their water and we peeked through the now empty places that were his home.



You know we had plenty to eat along the way!  Brian’s family were so generous and we shared some lovely meals together.


And our last day together we strolled through the along the river and through the city park.


So thankful that we had the chance to meet the Brian and Kai’s warm and welcoming family.  I’m hoping they come to California one day so we can care for them like they took such good care of us.  (photo: Brian’s aunt and Little Lois hit it off!)


36 thoughts on “China Family

    • Hey Lisa– yep, it really was a heart warming part of our travels. We have the very best son-in-law and it meant a lot to meet his family and see where his dad grew up. Always love hearing from you . thanks thanks. xoxox

    • Hi Marcia– It was really wonderful to get to see those two together. I’m imagining how different Lois’ life will be than her great grandmother’s in China. Always love hearing from your friend. hugs!

    • Hi Kat! Yep, we weren’t planning this trip. In fact we had just done our big trip up the coast and were planning to stay close to home. But our daughter called and said they wanted to take us to China/Hong Kong/Japan. They found super cheap tickets and wanted us to come along! So off we went. It was the best time with them and seeing/eating so many new things. A real serendipitous adventure. hug hugs friend. Hope you have some summer adventures ahead. Do have any plans with your family?? xox

    • Hey Mary! thanks. It was sort of an unplanned trip, just tagging along with Brian and Ani, but it really was amazing seeing/eating so many new things and doing it all with them. Waiting to see your summer photos– the wedding!!

    • Hi Vicky!! That’s my favorite photo too! And– I heard Darla’s coming in to town and there’s a meet up planned– Mom had me save July 18th on my calendar. Sounds great! And it would be so fun just to sit over lunch with you and talk the afternoon away… hugs hugs.

  1. Oh my! I love love love the photo of Little Lois and Brian’s aunt! It filled me with joy! Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m the same Lisa– I love friend’s travel photos– next best things to getting to go myself! So you have any travel plans this summer?? We’re camping at Sequoia with our kids for a couple days. Can’t wait! hugs hugs!

    • Hi Brigid– yep, we planned our little cruise/Vancouver-Seattle stay a year ago. But our kids called just a fews weeks ago and offered to take us to China/Hong Kong/Japan!! Sort of a serendipitous adventure– and we loved it. I think you agree– travel is so worthwhile– so restoring to see new and beautiful things/places. Hugs hugs Brigid– you garden is exquisite!! xox

  2. Wow how neat to explore the abandoned village, and I KNOW you had some amazing food experiences. They highlight of the post is that last picture. Oh my goodness!

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