Setting My Table Longer

“To be part of a family is to be known within this blistering world, carried closely in each other’s thoughts even when distance separates us. I guess I’m shamelessly begging all of us to set longer tables and reimagine who belongs. We are all brothers and sisters just trying to make our way home.”  –Shannan Martin (author and heart changing Instagramer)

Hi friends– I read this quote on Shannan Martin’s Instagram and truly am taking it to heart. How do I love my family and the bigger family of God that goes beyond??  Set my table longer?  Walk those people home… ?

I think this is a quote from Shannan’s book, The Ministry of Ordinary Places, due out October 9th (I can’t wait to get my hands on it).  You can find her on Instagram at shannanwrites .

P.S. Photo above is of our family– 3 spunky grand-girls.


9 thoughts on “Setting My Table Longer

  1. I love Shannan (aka FlowerPatchFarmGirl years earlier!) and pleased to have that in common too! 👍😄. I love her insightful words, loving heart, and thoughtful hospitality.

  2. Rhonda, you model this for us all the time with your revolving door and ever expanding table. How you don’t weigh 200 lbs is a mystery to me, with the fabulous desserts you make–every day?? But the best is your heart to “include.” And yes, as Shannan says–I don’t think this is an option but an imperative. Too many people are without a heart home of family and so must be invited in.

    • It’s true Jenni– you don’t have to look very far around to find people who need care. And– wanted to say again that Wednesday night was perfect– you packed so much into 90 minutes!! Great talk at our table–so much to think about… Looking forward to the next 4 weeks. thank you for bringing all your fresh creativity and brilliant thinking to all you offer the women at church. love you.

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