Grammy Camp 2018

Hello friends– We’re just through with this year’s Grammy Camp– and it was tons of exhausting fun!   How can 4 small girls strike so much joy in one old grandma??  I took a big bunch of photos– but I’ll just send you my favorites of our 4 day together.  (And then give you the list of all we did– for any of you Grammy’s out there who are planning your own Grammy Camp!)

With this crew, arts & crafts are always popular!!  We painted t-shirts and painted favorite animals on canvas, made Fathers Day cards and cut and pasted monsters together,  and there was daily lunch bag decorating while Grandma made sandwiches.





Grandpa Larry drove us all out to Irvine Regional Park for a day at the zoo and the Nature Center, a picnic and a little tree climbing.



There were lots of other things to keep up busy.  There were daily picnics and playgrounds.






There were good times in the kitchen– a Brownie Bake Off, mixing up homemade ice cream and a Make Your Own Pizza Night!


Early on we had a scavenger hunt at the library and stocked up on bedtime reading.

One evening we set out at dusk for a flashlight hike.

We spend a sunny afternoon decorating sugar cookies and then eating them up at a tea party.

And followed clues all over the house & yard on a treasure hunt to find the treasure– bubble gloves.

We headed out to the backyard for our Wacky Water Day– splashes and squeals and water balloons.

So at Grammy Camp there are just TWO rules!

#1. Eat an ice cream every day
#2. No Grumping!!

And for activities:
Bible Stories at Breakfast every morning

Cooking– homemade ice cream (later made into sundaes),A Brownie Bake Off (brownies later delivered to the Great Grandparents, Make Your Own Pizza night, decorate sugar cookies

Library Scavenger Hunt (find a book with a mouse on the cover, a book by Dr. Seuss, a book about an amazing girl…)  and check out the books for reading at home.

Art & Crafts– Paint your t-shirt,  decorate your lunch bag, monster collages, paint a favorite animal, Fathers Day Cards– (describing Dad on one side, making his portrait on the other).

Daily picnics/playgrounds and the Splashpad at Lemon Park

Movie & popcorn night (Paddington Bear 2)

UNO championship (involves M&Ms!)

Flashlight Hike around the neighborhood before bed

Bedtime stories (of course!)

Irvine Regional Park –picnic, zoo, nature center, train ride, tree climbing

Ice Cream Sandwich Race- beat Grandma around the block!

Tea Party with Martinelli’s and cookies we decorated

Wacky Water Day (water balloons, water bag toss, squirters)

Slide show of Grammy Camp photos the last night before bed.

So very glad, so thankful to have our grand-girls, so bright and full of fun.  And a Big Thanks to Larry for all the grandfathering he did for those girls along the way.  Can’t wait for Grammy Camp 2019!!


37 thoughts on “Grammy Camp 2018

          • All our grands live close…..but it’s extra fun to have our 4yo (and mom) live with us……back to stepping on LEGO, constructing Thomas train tracks, wiping sticky fingerprints from windows, playing with the hose, little cars everywhere, and lots of cuddles and cute conversations! All the good stuff!

  1. Rhonda, this looks like so much fun for you, Larry and the girls! What a special time with them with so many fun activities! You definitely are a special grandma and Larry a great grandpa. Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments with us! Hugs xoxo

  2. Oh Rhonda, this is truly amazing! Grammy Camp is so so full of loving for your grandkids. And they are adorable! Thank you for sharing this, both the photos and what you did. I particularly love the flashlight hike photo – I laughed out loud. Blessings and hugs to you all xoxo Debbie

    • Hey Debbie– It was loads of fun to be with those girls. How’s your weekend going?? We have a college student staying with us and his friends are coming in for dinner this evening–should be fun. take care Debbie. xox

  3. Oh my goodness! You packed so much in! Were you just exhausted? Oh my.. what an amazing experience you made for the girls! Thanks for sharing all these amazing pictures. Now go take a nap!

    • Really! It did take a little recovery time (for me and the house!). And now I’m really missing them!! But I still have some of their artwork taped all over my kitchen cupboards. How’d your weekend go?? We had a family baby shower–loved that. hugs hugs Kat!

  4. Life had to be boring when Grammy Camp was over…it looks like they had a blast. In the end I’m sure you were exhausted but have wonderful memories that will last until the next camp. 🙂

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