Open Face Sandwich Board

Hi all– My buddy Janet came over for lunch today so we could plan a project we’re working on together.  so instead of making her a sandwich (a little dull), I set out all the fixings on a board so we could pile up our own open face sandwiches (more fun).  And we had mini ice cream cones from the market for dessert– only 110 calories each ((but I wont’ tell you how many we ate!!).

It isn’t really a “recipe”– just an idea!

Thick sliced sour dough loaf
Sliced turkey
Sliced ham
Colby Jack cheese
Fresh mozzarella
Sliced avocado
Orange marmelade
Seedy mustard
Sea salt
Fresh apricots (for munching, not sandwiches)

Find an ample board or platter and start arranging!  Good bread and whatever options you can find in your kitchen to pile on top!  It’s that simple.


27 thoughts on “Open Face Sandwich Board

    • Hey Susie– Not my idea really. I got a book called Platters and Boards– all treats/meals served up like that. So I’m copying my way through the book! How is your summer going?? Happy 4th!

      • Ugh. We had emergency home repairs we HAD to do. Mitchell and I pulled it together in time to roast marshmallows and hot dogs and set off fire works with the kids, but they had meltdowns about EVERYTHING. It wasn’t our finest 4th. How was yours?

        • Sorry Lacey!! I think we’ve all had holidays like that– like my meltdown (not my kids!0 when my cake fell apart on Christmas Eve as we were leaving to take it to my brother’s house. So I get your ugh! Hope you have a good weekend going. hugs hugs!

    • Hi Mary!! It’s a good week with the 4th tomorrow– beach walk with friends and then a bar-b-que pot luck and fireworks. Do you all do something for the 4th?? Hope its a good one!

      • Happy Fourth of July, Rhonda! We are home quiet and relaxing. Tom’s actually working on our house for a few hours before it gets hot. Then our youngest son is home and we’ll smoke ribs and have a cook out. Maybe later we will have a little fire in the firepit. I hope you and Larry have a wonderful and festive day!xoxo

        • Smoked ribs!! That sounds super Mary. How were they?? We pot lucked with friends who have a backyard with a great fireworks view. Happy summer! (loved the post of your shopping for the wedding dress!!) xoxo

          • Hi Rhonda, the ribs were great and very tender! Your potluck sounds like fun and with fireworks too! thanks for the support and for reading my posts. I hope you are not around all those wildfires! Hugs friendxoxo

    • Oh thanks Lisa! I think you’re right–prettier than just a sandwich on a plate. How’s your summer going?? It’s suppose to be 113 degrees in our town today! yikes! hugs from here!

  1. I love the look of plates and you set them up so beautifully. Did you go further Dutch (open-
    faced sandwiches are their thing) and also eat them with a fork and knife?

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