Two Books –Two Old Favorites




Hey there– Have you put your feet up lately for a little summery reading??  Here’s a couple older books that I’ve gone back to this summer and thought you’d love them too.


Years ago vacationing in England, I saw the “84 Charing Cross Road” movie (starring Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins) and I’ve had that story on my mind every since.  The book contains a series of letters from a breezy quirky Brooklyn writer and a staid & proper employee of a traditional bookshop at 84 Charing Cross Road, London, starting in 1949.  The long distance friendship grows over many years as books are ordered and gifts and stories are mailed back and forth across the Atlantic.  Short and heart warming, perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.

The Hiding Place is an old favorite I read years ago, then promptly reread it again to my kids.  It’s the actual story of Corrie Ten Boom, who, along with her family, worked with the Dutch underground. During the WWII years hundreds of Jews were hidden in homes, such as the Ten Boom’s.  There are secret codes, late night arrivals, surreptitious radios, and the “Hiding Place” behind a secret wall at the top of the house.  Sadly, Corrie, her father and sister are discovered and the second half of the book tells the amazing stories of God’s care for them as they endure the Ravenbruk concentration camp.


P.S. Painting at the top is “Interior with a Woman” by Alexandru Ciucurencu


24 thoughts on “Two Books –Two Old Favorites

  1. Favorite books are like favorite friends–worth spending time with again and again. Another one for me is ANNE OF GREEN GABLES (have lost track of how many times I’ve read it) which is truly comfort food for my soul. Love to read with you, Rhonda!!

    • Agree Jenni. I loved rereading books to my kids (and grandkids– and to school kids!) that I enjoyed as a child. Thanks for the great discussion last night– think everyone agreed it was a worthwhile book! hugs friend.

  2. I love this post! Yes, summer is a great reading season to visit old favorites! I’m long overdue for a reread of The Hiding Place and 84 Charing Cross Road has been on my TBR forever……patiently waiting to be discovered….I know it will become a lifelong friend! Thanks for this reminder of two wonderful books! Happy summer reading Rhonda! We still have a couple of weeks!

  3. I so relate to this! Summer for me is the time of year when I read for absolute pleasure, fiction in particular. My favourite read is Hard Landing by Lynne Heitman and my annual visit abroad would simply not be the same with it.
    Need to look up these. Thanks, Mary

  4. Adding both to my book list! I am reading Hidden Figures right now. You might have seen the movie, about the African American women “computers” as they called them at NASA. It is fascinating! – Kat

    • Yes! Did see Hidden Figures with my sis. I’ll bet the book would really give a deeper looks at their stories. Amazing women– so strong. I just finished Educated by Tara Westover– a girl raised in a fanatic survivalist family in Idaho escapes to end up with a PhD from Cambridge. True sad amazing story. Happy Reading!! xox

  5. I’ve read the first one and now I’m adding “The Hiding Place” to my to-read list. Thanks! I recently listened to two audio books I’d recommend (as books or audios). Amy Tan’s “Where the Past Began” and “Ordinary Grace” by William Krueger Kent.

    • Hi Marcia– I have Ordinary Grace on my library list!! And I’ve really enjoyed most of Amy Tan’s books– Kitchen God’s Wife and this year I reread The Joy Luck Club and then watched the movie. But this new one was a little up and down. Her family history was interesting from reading the characters in her books (so many like her crazy mom!) but it bogged down for me in her writing sections– Maybe you loved those parts best since you’re a writer!! Anyway, I’ll tell you when I read Ordinary Grace– love your reading suggestions! Blessings Marcia!

  6. In his often overlooked book, An Experiment in Criticism, CS Lewis says one characterization of an unliterary reader is that the argument “I’ve read it before” is a conclusive reason not to read a book more than once. In contrast, literary readers reread books many times, savoring certain passages, and attempting to glean more from subsequent readings…Thus Lewis suggest that a quality book is one that someone, anyone will re-read. I think I am due to re-read An Experiment in Criticism.

    • Sounds like a good recommendation Paul! I really enjoyed rereading all my childhood favorites (less literary!) to my kids and then to kids at school! Always love your perspective. Missing you and Sue on Sundays! Hope all goes well in Hollywood!

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