Family Trek through the Sequoias!

Hi all– Just back from 5 days with family at Sequoia National Park.  Growing up, every summer, my Mom and Dad would stash 4 kids and piles of camping gear in the station wagon, and head up the interstate to Sequoia. So it was big fun to do it again with my Sis and some of our kids!!

We set out one morning to hike our way around bright and brilliant Crescent Meadow (an old favorite for me and my Sis, Lulu!)



Midway around the meadow, we found a quiet spot to stop for lunch and a chance to rest our hiking feet!  And then on we trekked…


We finally arrived at Tharpe’s Log– a fallen redwood tree that became the home to the first settler in that area, who raised sheep in the adjacent meadow.


It was a fine full day–and being immersed in such beauty filled my soul.  I was thanking God for the glorious views all around me.


Thanks bunches to Charlotte, Micah, Jodi, Maryann, Larry, Jobay, Laurel & John (and Ted & Lu!)  for being the best adventurous, intrepid hiking buddies.  Let’s do it again!!

47 thoughts on “Family Trek through the Sequoias!

  1. What an amazing time!!! I am dying to go to Sequoia! I have done a couple Big Basin hikes in Saratoga/Los gatos recently, but Sequoia is as good as it gets! This is definitely a trip your family will never forget 🙂

    • Me too Brena! We’d camp at Dorst campground with a bunch of church families every summer. So good to do it again. Loved your year in review post– you are so amazing with the variety of your ministry there… Blessings! xo

  2. Great fun! Memories to last a lifetime. What is the length of the hike the way you did it? How much time did you take? Great photos, as always.

    • Hi Paul!! Fun to hear from you! The hike is just 1.7 miles, but we managed to stretch it out into a couple hours or more! Lots of log walking and photo stops! Have you and Sue been up there??

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