Kings Canyon– family vacay, part 2

Hi friends– wanted to add a few more pictures (or maybe a lot more pictures!) of our family camp trip– to Sequoia and also Kings Canyon National Parks.  So much beauty (and so much fun)– Just tucking it all in here to look back on.

Micah led us on a gorgeous hike around Zumwalt Meadow– along the river, skirting the meadow, up and over granite hills.




Then we headed over to the Road’s End–where the pool’s deep enough for a swim– and a crazy jump off of a huge boulder into the water–John you’re courageous!!

One morning, we trekked down from our campsite to the General Grant Tree– past stands of redwoods and along a meadow’s edge to see the giant Sequoia!



And there were campground meals, noisy card games, naps, late night hot chocolate, walks for ice cream, a campfire Ranger Talk and just hanging around our little cluster of cabins at Grants Grove.


If you’re still reading– thanks!!  Just remembering all the sweet times with our kids and the beauty all around us (Thanks John for your amazing photo of the Milky Way above the trees).  So thankful.

31 thoughts on “Kings Canyon– family vacay, part 2

  1. I love this area so much and I actually am partial to King’s Canyon over Sequoia so I’m glad you did both!!! The meadow and that lazy river right near by are one of my favorites spots on the planet!!

    • You’re right Jenny!! It was such a gorgeous day hiking along the river. Have you camped there?? Hope you’re managing to eat theses days!! (I did just see you at Yardhouse!) hugs friend!

    • ha ha!! It was a smallish group– but his talk/slides about bears were great! I’m hoping we get back up there again next summer! P.S. won’t be at Lit Group (although I did read the Alice book)– up in SF waiting for a baby boy to appear! hugs friend!

    • thanks Kat! It’s just because it’s such an amazingly pretty place. I noticed that I usually take horizontal photos– but most of these were up & down to fir in all the tall trees and mountains! Did you all vacation this summer?? Would love to hear about it… xox

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