New Guy in the Family

Lois gets to know her brand new brother Oscar at the hospital.

Hey there friends– Up in San Francisco for a couple weeks, chipping in to care for our new little grand-guy, Oscar.  And also hanging out with his big (almost 2 year old) sis, Lois.  It’s pure joy.

I could sit forever with this one week old on my lap, taking to him about all he has ahead– walking and singing, bedtime books and trips to the zoo.  I’ve told him about chocolate cake and how much he’s loved by so many people.

First family of four photo– Oscar’s very first day in the big wide world!

And the little star himself — baby Oscar!!

There’s just so many things I want him to know!  So I’m writing them down and someday (when he can read??) I’ll send them to him:

To Oscar–Things I Want You to Know For Sure:

#1.  You are so deeply loved– by mom & dad, by sister Lois, by Grandpa & me… and a long list of dear people!

#2.  I will be happy to play with you– hide & seek, legos, and even (my unfavorite) Candy Land game.

#3.  I’m ready to cheer you on at each new step ahead, on every new adventure.  (Save me a seat at your college graduation!!)

#4.  I’ll always be ready to listen  — to your knock jokes & long stories & anything you want to talk through.

#5.  We have some good times ahead!!  Family Christmases, camping hikes, birthday cakes and lots of snuggly story times.

#6.  I promise see you as your own little person– helping you grow and change in your own unique way.  I simply cannot wait to see the wonderful grown up guy you become!

#7.  You can count on Grandpa and me to be there when you need us– just text (or whatever kids will do to communicate in the future!) and we’ll come running.

#8.  I will always remember the day you were born.  We were waiting to see who you would be!!  And you were perfect!

#9.  I will pray for you in your years ahead–  for you to grow and learn and walk in the way God has for you.

#10.  You have the whole world ahead of you little Oscar. What will it be like??  God bless you, sweet boy, in all the years to come.

And here’s a few more photos of our time together:


 Above photos:  Scooter Girl!  Lois checking in on her baby Oscar.  Our girl mixing up a peach cobbler with Grandma.  Afternoon out with Ani for tea & treats at Andytown.  Lois’ walk in Golden Gate Park with Gr. Larry.  Shiny Oscar after his first bath at home.

And P.S.
Spent this summer quilting up a little blanket for baby Oscar– such a fun project anticipating and praying for this little guy as I stitched along.

Links for a few more quilt pics–
A Quilt for Baby Otto
Quilt of Many Colors –Laurel & John’s Wedding Quilt
Quilt Story — A Quilt for Baby Lois
Little Quilts — Charlotte (7) & Maryann  (5) make tiny quilts
San Francisco Quilt Delivery–  Ani & Brian’s wedding Quilt


And some last thoughts:

“Babies are such a nice way to start people”  –Don Herald

“Every child begins the world again.”   –Henry David Thoreau

“If your baby is beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses, sleeps on schedule and burps on demand, an angel all the time, you’re the grandma.”   (that’s me!)   — Theresa Bloomingdale.

“Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord”  –Psalm 127:3

So very thankful for the life of this dear little one and all he has to come.  Love you tiny Oscar.

64 thoughts on “New Guy in the Family

  1. Delightful post! Grandchildren are a precious gift! He’s lucky to be growing up in your family! Kiss those baby toes for me! Nothing better than snuggling with a newborn! :::::sigh:::::

  2. Such a beautiful baby! I love the old-fashioned names coming back in style! So much better imho or not so humble opinion than Skye and River or Tomishka! Anyway, great list, it really is and I loved the funny quotes and the gorgeous quilt! You have made one for each grand child, right? If not, you best be getting busy! 🙂

  3. Hi Rhonda – such a beautiful post, it made me cry! I love your list and all your well-wishes for baby Oscar. That every baby born into this world should have such a list. And your quilt! It is beautiful! I’d also like to commend Ani for looking so rested and relaxed right after giving birth! Amazing! Congratulations to your entire family. -Kat

    • Hi Kat– thanks for joining in our happy event! You are always so kind. It’s true. Ani is doing well for a mom of two– I’m thinking you have two boys yourself. Is that right?? It’s so much fun to have Oscar here and imagine him in all the stages ahead… thanks for being in touch Kat– xox

  4. Rhonda – congratulations! Lovely pictures of Oscar and Lois. What a wonderful idea to write a list of things for Oscar to know from his grandmother. Also, what a beautiful quilt for him. May God bless all the wonderful times ahead for you and Larry as you spend time with the grandchildren. Oh, the blessing of being a grandparent. God is good.

  5. Congratulations to you and Larry and the entire family on a new little guy for the Sittig family! What fun! Love the new quilt, Grandma! Who wouldn’t want to be wrapped up in that every night?!

    • Hey Sandy!! thanks thanks. He’s so small and squishy. Larry is really good at walking him around when he is a bit fussy. Love his little expressions. We head home tomorrow and I’m really going to miss Him and sis, Lois after being here for 3 weeks. Always to great to hear from you Sandy– thanks!

    • Thanks thanks Mackenzie! He’s a sweetheart so bright and squishy! We’ve had a great 3 weeks here with him starting out his little life. And P.S.– just because I think you’d be interested. Went to a fun bakery/cafe just opened in SF. Theorita– small menu for meals, specializes in pies!! Based on the owners family back in Ohio! Right next to Che Fico– new hot spot in SF. OK, hope your week is going well. Wonder how your wok is coming along– it seems like such a important, but stressful vocation. hugs!

      • He is just too cute!

        And No way!! That is SO exciting. Thank you for telling me- I’m gonna go look it up right now! I LOVE pies– and roots to OH?! Ok we need to try this ASAP.

        Thank you so much, Rhonda 🙂 I am actually deep in the books right now! Pretty intense- but I am loving it! Hope you are having a great weekend too!

  6. Congratulations for your beautiful new grandchild. Such gorgeous photographs and a birth in the family is so exciting. I am enjoying reading Fiona Macintosh’s The Tea Gardens presently. Prior to this I read Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris – now that is a well written book.

  7. Hi Rhonda, I love, love, love this baby quilt! Great color and I really like the quilting. Great job. It is just so much fun sewing for the wee ones, isn’t it? I love your list also. What a perfect little family.

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  9. Congratulations, Rhonda and to your entire family! Oscar is so adorable and precious. And you are such a sweet grandma. I really love all the photos. Take care and big hugs from Cambodia. xoxox

    • You’re so sweet– thanks Ursula! It’s funny how much Lois dotes on her little brother– I hope they’ll be great friends ahead. Now that I’m home, I’m missing those 2!! Take care friend. xox

  10. Babies are such an amazing gift. I just had my fourth baby, she is almost three weeks old. I love your idea of a list of things you want him to know. It was so heart warming. Thank you for sharing. I might make a list of my own for each of my kids (even if my oldest is 8).

    • Hooray for new babies!! So happy for you. We had 4 kids too and I’ve loved having a big family– They are all grown and scattered with kids of their own now, but we were just together for a noisy chaotic Thanksgiving. Read about your baby necessities list– good practical advice! Enjoy that new little life.

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