San Francisco Days and Roasted Tomatoes

One of my favorite houses in the neighborhood.

Out on a trek through the woods of Golden Gate Park with this mini hiker!  

Hey there friends– Back from 3 weeks in San Francisco with new baby Oscar and his dear family. Missing them all from here.

We made this new favorite roast tomato pasta for dinner one evening there, and liked it so much we did it again a couple days later when friends dropped to meet that Oscar!

It’s super simple and the tomatoes and garlic smell incredible roasting in the oven!

8 oz. mini ravioli (or your favorite pasta)*
2 cups small cherry tomatoes (red or yellow)
1/2 cup chopped red onion
1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper
4 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 tsp. dried basil
1/2 tsp. garlic salt
a few grinds of fresh pepper
1/2 cup olive oil

garnish: parmesan romano cheese, grated & sprig of marjoram or basil

In a large bowl, stir together the cherry tomatoes, red onion, chopped bell pepper, garlic, basil, salt, pepper and olive oil.  Then turn it all out onto a baking sheet that has been lined with foil.  Scrape all the extra oil out of the mixing bowl on to the tomatoes.

Pop the tomatoes into a 400 degree oven for 15 to 20 minutes, until they are just starting to brown a bit.

While they are cooking, cook up your favorite pasta according to the directions on the package.

Drain the pasta and spread it on a pretty platter.  Spoon the tomatoes and all the juices on the baking sheet over the pasta.  Serve it hot with a sprinkle of parmesan.  So so good!

*I used mini ravioli from Trader Joe’s here, but fresh ravioli is the best!

Hi again–

Just wanted to drop in a few more photos of our SF days (bits I want to remember)– Baby snuggling, good talks, quiet meals together, plenty of playground time with an almost 2 year old.  So glad we could be there.

Brand new little Oscar, at the hospital and on his way home for the first time.

Lois lined up with kids waiting to get in the library for story time.  With Mom on the playground.  Lois & Grandma Duplo tower!

And one Sunday morning Larry and I went out on the town– Breakfast at my favorite ever bakery– B Patisserie.  A wonderful worshipful morning of church at Reality SF.  And then off to a cool new cafe for lunch– Theorita, specializing in pies like the baker’s grandma used to make (we split a piece of chocolate, pecan bourbon pie for dessert!)

So glad to have those days to watch our Oscar come into the big wide world– and see him blossom and grow in his new family.  Thanks Ani & Brian for everything!


P.S. Here’s a few other favorite simple pasta recipes:
Broccoli, Chicken & Bacon Pasta
Pasta e Fagioli Soup
Saucy Tomato Chicken & Pasta
Creamy Lemon Chicken & Pasta


39 thoughts on “San Francisco Days and Roasted Tomatoes

    • Hi Debbie! thanks thanks. Read about yoru new home and your taking off for Israel & Italy!! So exciting! Are you going along or on a tour?? How long will you be gone? I’m hoping it’s really a wonderful peaceful time fo you. hugs!

  1. Your mini hiker is just the most darling hiker I have ever seen!! WOW, this roasted tomato pasta looks divine- I am bookmarking it now. I have been in a recipe rut, so I am gonna try to whip up some new recipes for this fall. Thank you for sharing!!

    Oh my gosh, what a sweet sweet sleeping Oscar!! Precious moments.

    I meant to tell you- I follow Thrillist and get restaurant/event suggestions from them, and right after you told me about Theorita it popped up #1 on their list of new hot restaurants. I was so excited! I am adding it to the bucket list. Those pastries look just incredible. Have a great weekend I always LOVE reading about your SF adventures, Rhonda!

    • Thanks Mackenzie– I’m off to look up Thrilist. And hope you like the tomatoes– roasting makes them sweet and then there’s all that garlic! And hope you have a wonderful weekend too. Although I suspect as least part of it will be studying! You are so kind and enthusiastic– always love hearing from you! xox

        • Sorry to hear Mickey is not feeling well– hope he’s improved by the time you get this! We had a quieter weekend too. Sunday evening walked with friends to get frozen yogurt– enjoying the end of warm days! hugs!

          • it sound nice:) Mickey is recovering, unfortunately I get his cold now and a bit difficult to breath. aha…..hopefully I will get well soon as we are off to New York in 2 weeks time. I wish you a great weekend – again.. ha.. ha.. time fly so fast.

            • Hope you are feeling better by the time you get this Freja!! And are you packing yet?? My favorite NYC spots are the Metropolitan Museum and Central Park– So much to do (and eat!) in the city! Hope you blog about the trip! xo

            • Thanks Rhonda. I feel much better now:)
              No.. we are not packing yet. usually we pack the night before we depart and we are a light traveller, so it would not take long to pack:)
              Thanks for the info about the Museum and Central Park. It is first time to NY for me but not for Mickey. I soo loook forward to the food, ha..ha..we have reserved 2 places to eat there, will definetely blog the experience:)

  2. Hi Rhonda, what previous photos of dear little Lois and adorable baby Oscar! I just roasted plum tomatoes last night with garlic for the freezer and a future winter meal. I’ll keep your pasta recipe and try it….I know Tom will love it! Blessings to you❤️😉😘

    • OH! great idea Kat!! (I have a hugs bag of Costco pine nuts that my mom gave me for my birthday!) Missing your posts (not nagging– just want you to know how much I enjoy your writing…) Happy weekend!

    • Hey Mollie– thanks. Your pear almond French toast looks epic!! We have young adults from church here on some Saturday mornings– so I’m pinning this! thanks And- are you into fall yet?? I’ll bet it’s beautiful in your yard! I picked up a few red leaves from the sidewalk this morning on my walk– So it’s fallish here! hugs!

      • Not quite fall yet, although my neighbors sugar maple is turning red. A big willow on the city’s property fell and took out five of my oaks and my south yard is totally devastated. The clean up took out all the grass and small plantings, everything trampled down to dirt and big stumps all over – and the garden area was hostas which survived but now will be in full sunshine, so that’s not good. They need lots of shade. So sad! I lost a big ash last fall in my front yard. I can’t seem to catch a break!

  3. That snuggle picture is the best. Congratulations again, Rhonda. How far away is SF from where you are. THank you for the recipe. I will try it once I re-settle into my new home.

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