Birthday Girl’s Weekend– Santa Barbara!!

Hello friends– Do you have fall birthdays to celebrate in your family?? We have a big one– Maryann turned 10!!  So last weekend we trekked up to Santa Barbara for her “ten year old birthday trip.”  Let me tell you, it’s big fun to have all that time to ourselves with our bright spunky girl!

We started out referring to our Birthday Fun Map–  First stop was the Moxi Museum for kids.  Maryann was in her element.  Hands on exhibits using light, art, sound, movement.


Then we were off on the Little Toot tugboat tour of the harbor– the Captain even gave Maryann a turn at the wheel!

We made a Sunday morning stop at the Santa Barbara Mission–founded 1786.

Then dropped in to stroll through the lush Santa Barbara Zoo.


We picked out our favorite pieces at the SB Art Museum– and puzzled over a few we were unfamiliar with.

And we rounded out our day with a tour through the historic courthouse– up the tower for views across Santa Barbara.


The sun was about to set when we headed back to deliver Maryann home.

We’re so thankful for days exploring with this sweet girl.  Happy Birthday 10 year old Maryann!!  Here’s to a great year ahead!


48 thoughts on “Birthday Girl’s Weekend– Santa Barbara!!

  1. What a wonderful and special birthday celebration! Blessings for everyone! I love how you have this tradition with with your grands! Lifelong memories indeed!

  2. Oh Rhonda what special memories with such a sweet 10 year old! (yay for double digits now! I remember what a big deal birthday that was for me, hehe). I love her name too- so lovely. This was a day that she will surely never forget. ❤

    • Hey Kat!! It was big fun having her all to ourselves– She usually comes in a group with 2 sisters!! You have any birthdays coming up in your family?? We have lots of fall birthdays… hugs hugs friend. (p.s. missing your posts– hope all is well.) xo

  3. This is so wonderful, Rhonda! I bet Maryann felt really, really cared for. 🙂 Looks like a fun day. I didn’t know that Santa Barbara has a mission. Blessings to you and happy birthday to Maryann!
    Hugs xo Debbie

    • Hi Debbie!! it was a sweet time– There are 21 missions in CA & Santa Barbara is especially beautiful, called the “Queen of the Missions.” Hope we get to read more about your travels to Israel and Italy Debbie!! xox

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