Two Grandmas in San Francisco

Two Grandma’s walk Lois to the park for a little sliding and climbing.

Hi all– This week the Grandma Team (that’s my Mom and me) trekked up to San Francisco to see the SF crop of grand-kids.  Mom met the “O” cousins for the first time– that’s little Otto and littler Oscar– her newest great grand-guys!!  It was the best!

It made me think of my dear pie making Grandma Rose, born in 1903. I’m her grand-girl, now grandma to 8 small people who will likely live until 2103– and will be probably be grandparents themselves.  It’s a chain of Grandmas over the centuries…

Crafty Kid Fun Halloween morning at the local community center.

And it made me think about grand-mothering.  It’s such a sweet vocation. I’ve heard a grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher and a little bit best friend.  I really want to be that for those 8 kids who call me Grandma.

So I’m collecting ideas:
#1.  Create an Art Cupboard in a spare closet– so grand-kids can paint & glitter to their hearts content
#2.  Send secret code messages
#3.  Build a marble maze together
#4.  Make an erupting volcano with clay, vinegar & baking soda!!
#5.  Let everyone make their own small pizza for dinner
#6.  Teach your grands how to play rummy fo high stakes M&Ms
#7.  Have a two person book club– get into what they are reading!!
#8.  A Treasure Hunt with clues that send them around the house collecting ingredients for a banana split.
#9.  Make & paint popsicle stick picture frames & insert their photo
#10. Have a Scavenger Hunt at the library (a book with a mouse on the cover, a Dr. Seuss book…)
#11. Make Orange Soda floats on a hot day
#12. Keep an “Art Gallery” of grand-kid artwork
#13. Write letters to family members, stamp & mail them
#14. Create a Fairy Garden
#15. Take an umbrella walk when it rains
#16. Toast marshmallows in the fireplace
#17. Interview each other & video it on your phone
#18. Draw & discuss your family tree
#19. Write a short play & act it out for the parents
#20. Show them photos of when you (or their parent) were children
#21. Make crazy paper hats (with feathers? pom poms? fake flowers??…)
#22. Build a bird feeder
#23. Wrap each other in toilet paper to play mummies
#24. Draw a giant maze with sidewalk chalk
#25. Plant a vegetable garden
#26. Go to an art museum and sit and copy a painting
#27. Learn to play the recorder together
#28. Have a Brownie Bake-off!
#29. See who can build the tallest Lego tower
#30. My grand-girls favorite– take an evening flashlight hike around the block

Surprise attack hug from loveable Lois

“Grandmothers are moms with lots of frosting.”  –author unknown

“Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete.” –Marcy DeMaree

“Grandmas don’t just say “that’s nice” — they reel back and roll their eyes and throw up their hands and smile. You get your money’s worth out of grandmas.” –author unknown

So here’s a few more pics of our week of grand-mothering.  Can’t wait to do it all over again…




“We should all have one person who knows how to bless us despite the evidence, Grandmother was that person to me.” –Phyllis Theroux

“Grandmother — a wonderful mother with lots of practice.” –author unknown

“If nothing is going well, call your grandmother.” ~Italian Proverb

Lois helping out with the morning Cranberry Bread

Cranberry Bread– Make it over and over in the fall– Great toasted for breakfast!!
Here’s the recipe:

The Best Orange Cranberry Bread

‘If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren, I’d have had them first.” ~Lois Wyse

Thanks Bunches Ani and Brian for taking us in and taking care of us so well.  And thanks Mom for being an intrepid travel buddy!!  It was the best having you there– rocking sweet Oscar and chatting away with Little Lois.  You truly are an amazing Mom and Grandma.


54 thoughts on “Two Grandmas in San Francisco

  1. One of my favorites of your blog posts…love you were able to take this trip with your mom…I have done several things on your list but sure appreciate all the new ideas…we are truly blessed…to still have our terrific moms and our beautiful grand children! ❤️❤️❤️

    • You are so right Debi. Most of my friends don’t have their mothers still. My favorite part of the trip was the way Ani and my Mom would have long conversations while I was doing dishes or diapering kids– so sweet to be all together. I’m sure you know what I mean– love the way you ‘Grandmother.” hugs Debi!

  2. Rhonda, what a precious endearing post! I see so much love between you all and your grandchildren are so sweet!!!! I can’t wait to be a Mimi or Meme. I haven’t decided what I want to be called yet. I called my grandma Nanny but it doesn’t seem to fit me. I must make the cranberry bread too, yum! Hugs dear friend❤️😊

    • Hey Mary– you’ll be the best Mimi– you really know how to love your people!! It is the sweetest. Just jumped over to yoru blog– so many pretty posts– loved the fall trees in your photos!!! How did I get so behind on reading blogs?? Been busy, but it was really fun to catch up with you. Made me wish we could sit down over lunch and really catch up!! hugs!

      • Awe, Rhonda, you say the sweetest things! It’s easy to fall behind on keeping up with blogs. I am trying to catch up with posts and comments. I hope you and your family ha e a blessed week!❤️❤️❤️

  3. So very sweet. I love the list of ideas. We took cardboard yesterday and made a car ramp with tunnels and roads. It was fun! I’ll have to come to this post when I’m looking for something fun to do! 💖

  4. Rhonda this is an incredible post – and your photos are so endearing. I love the surprise hug “attack” from Lois. So glad that you and your mom got up to visit the grandchildren. I am so moved by your ideas to be their grandmother, best friend and teacher. Sitting at an art museum and copying the painting – wow. Hugs my friend. I love this and your blog.

    • Wish I could mail you a loaf Brena!! How do you all do Thanksgiving there?? We would travel to meet with the other missionary families from all over the province– always a sweet day together. Hope you are well and thankful and celebrating there… hugs!

  5. Another beautiful post! I love your ideas…i”m keeping them in mind for my next visit (although I think glitter might be on the “banned” list at my daughter’s house! And that quote about having grandkids first, lol
    You and your Mom look so much alike it’s uncanny!! 🙂

    • Hey Mollie– I know about the glitter ban. I gave Lois a glitter tutu (fancy– from the dollar store!) last she was here and it got glitter everywhere!! (ended up in the trash!). What are you doing for Thanksgiving?? Are you the cook?! hugs from here!!

  6. You have such a beautiful family! So many fun activities you’ve got planned for those lucky grand kiddos of yours. ♡ I’ve never tried orange cranberry bread but that looks delicious! Thanks for sharing, Rhonda! ♡

  7. Oh my goodness these photos just melted my heart. Seriously, how sweet.
    I’m in love with your list. These are easy things that go a long way. You know I’m on board with the 2 person book club. I also really like the showing pictures idea. I loved visiting my grandma and going through all of her photo albums. You have some lucky grandkids!

    • Hey Lacey– I had a grandma with a picture album at hand too! And you are the queen of fun things with your kids– their projects!! I’d like to see you list. What are you all doing for Thanksgiving?? Are you the cook? Hope it’s a wonderful one! hugs from here!

      • I don’t have a list really. The kids sort of guide all of our projects. If they come up with something they want to try I try to accommodate it. Maybe I should think of a list though. . . .
        We have so much family that we are usually at someone else’s house showing up with a few veggies sides. The last few years we’ve been sick on or around Thanksgiving. I’m praying for health this season!

  8. Your posts always just warm my heart!!! What a wonderful time with your mom and sweet little Lois and Oscar! You are one amazing grandma. I love all your ideas- and I know they will too. You are just the best, Rhonda!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 xo

    • You’re right Kat! We’re all going to be together up in Ojai for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to have those kids at arm’s length! What are you doing for Thanksgiving?? Are you the cook? hugs friend!

    • It shows Cate — in your facebook posts. That Penny has such an adorable personality!! I’m glad you’re documenting it all to show her when she’s 16! I agree, they are the sweetest part or our lives. hugs from here!

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