Homespun Wedding


Hello all– This past weekend Brett & Susie got married!!  We love that girl.  She’s bright and funny and open and kind…  Just the girl for our old Brett.  So when they were married last Saturday, the family was there to make it a warm wonderful wedding day here in our backyard…

IMG_5656     IMG_5660

IMG_5683     IMG_5679The whole big family pitched in.  Grandma Lo organized us all– Larry officiated, one of my brothers played the guitar and sang the song he wrote for his own wedding, my other brother photographed the day (along with a couple of the young cousins with nifty cameras), niece Katie helped with flowers, my sis and I made cakes (lots of cakes), grand-girl Amelia was our giggly flower girl and everyone brought food for a amazing tri-tip feast out under the maple trees.

547850_10151803058842639_1016134728_n     IMG_5699

IMG_5712     GyMOvDxPze6CpijzWGI2YbZgIj8mfyNM2L7iXZ7qNEU,G8T9w8gssimAu6_GGADcwEXMEpKrbRMDyUAJiVWXt5w

After the ceremony we feasted and toasted, watched Brett & Susie open gifts and cut the cake, topped with the bride & groom from Grandma Lo’s 1949 wedding.  It was a grand day! So here’s to you Brett and Susie and all the happy years ahead.  God bless you both.

P.S. Thank you to nephew Nathan for the photos (the best ones are all his).