Sweet Peas for Spring


Hi you all– Every spring when the sweet peas bloom, I have gardening buddies who say, “Oh I should have remembered to plant some seeds.  When do we do that?”  Well, I’m reminding you (at least in California), it’s right now.

Put mine in the earth today.  So now I’m like Toad (in the Frog and Toad books) sitting and watching them, singing to them, shouting at them, reading them poetry–just waiting for them to grow!  Love, love sweet peas.





Hi all– Every year we have a full on crop of freesias that bloom under our back window.  I can take no credit for those things.  The family who lived in this house before us, planted them 20 years ago and they’ve been popping up every February since!  They’re bright and fragrant and ever cheerful.  So nice to have around the house.

IMG_9407If you’d like to harvest your own crop, plant the bulbs in the fall in warm places like California, and in the spring in places where it snows.  Put them just 2″ into the ground with the pointy end up.  When the blooming season is over let the leaves alone as long as they are green– They are feeding the bulbs for next year.  When the leaves are browned and withered, pull them right off the bulb.  And then you just have to wait for next year’s flowers to bloom!

Sweet peas

Hi friends– Here they are–sweet peas.  I love these things.  Their genus name is Lathyrus odorous.  And that makes sense.  Their smell is just luscious.  Besides being the prettiest thing you can grow.

My grandmother always had a crop each spring.  I loved to help her cut them.  And I grew them too the first few years we were married.  But when we moved to Spain, in spite of valiant efforts to nurture them in patio pots or 7th floor window boxes, we never had more than a few sad blossoms.  So later when we came to live at 314, I got those seeds in the ground that first year and waited.  When those abundant blossoms appeared week after week, I really felt we had come “home.”

So here’s to fistfuls of sweet peas, fragrant, delicate, delicious!!