Lunch in Paris


Hey there-  This summer in Paris Laurel and I worked up an appetite sauntering through galleries of French and Italian paintings.  So for lunch we got out our trusty guide book (we are not ashamed of being real tourists) and trudged across town to a promising cafe. It was my favorite lunch in Paris– at Boullion Chartier.


Built 100 years ago as a workers’ canteen tucked down a little alley on rue du Faubourg-Montmartre, it doesn’t seem to have changed a bit since then.  Rushing waiters serve up simple  (but delicious) food at good prices.  You really know you’re in Paris…


Laurel ordered a plate of duck and roasted potatoes, which she declared delicious.   And I happily tucked into my steakfrites.

And, of course, I had the most adorable dining companion, to rehash our morning and to plan out the day ahead…

When lunch was thoroughly consumed, the waiter tallied up our meal on the paper tablecloth cover and took our payment to the little white haired lady in the cashier’s box.  It was a fine meal.  We were charmed.