Out & About in Milwaukee!


IMG_1700Hi all–  Milwaukee. Who knew?  It’s a great place to spend a day touristing.  When I visited our Lovable Laurel a few weeks back, we headed north, chauffeured by her boyfriend John, for a sunny day about and about in Milwaukee– and we had a grand time.

IMG_1704     IMG_1701

IMG_1684     IMG_1702

We started our morning int he tree lined Bayside neighborhood– One charming house after another, along the lake– and the coziest Farmer’s Market.  Lots of kids in wagons, people walking dogs and even a community choir belting out show tunes for the crowd.  It made me want to pack up and move to Milwaukee…

IMG_1711   IMG_1716.

Off we went to the jaw dropping Milwaukee Art Museum.  The most incredible part of the museum is the new wing, designed by Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava.  The roof becomes “wings” that move to curl and extend up. Magnificent, really.

IMG_1720     IMG_1728

IMG_1736     IMG_1738

We finished off the day shopping through the old town district of Milwaukee, ending up at the Brat Haus, for the “Wisconsin state foods”  –Cheese curds (also known as fried cheese!) and Bratwurst.  Then we packed up and rolled on home to Chicago–   Thanks Laurel and John.  It was a fine full day…




Chicago Super Seven

IMG_1569Hi blog friends–  Our daughter Laurel works for the photo website, Photojojo. About once a year, the employees pack up and relocate to an exotic location (Thailand, India, Costa Rica…) and spend a couple weeks on a “work-cation.”  They work some days and tourist  around in between.  It’s a whole company of people who know how to have fun (and take great photos while their at it)…

So when I visited my Laurel this past week we had a little work-cation of our own– She’s just moved into a sweet old apartment in Chicago, so we spent our days tracking down furniture and all she needs to kit out a kitchen–and did our share of eating and touristing as well.  What could be more fun than that?!

So here’s the super seven of a fab week with Laurel:

IMG_1553     IMG_1657     #1.  Let me just jump in right from the start– some fabulous eating!  Laurel does know how to find the best places!  (I’ll do a whole ‘nother post on all that yummcious food.)
Here Laurel takes her expert food pics.  And a incredible charcuterie lunch at Eataly.

IMG_1577     IMG_1576#2. We spent an afternoon trekking through down town Chicago–  joined the summer tourist crowds snapping pictures of the bean.  Why is that thing so intriguing?  And we explored the Chicago Cultural Center top to bottom, ending up under this glass dome.

IMG_1668     IMG_1768     #3.  And, of course, we shopped–thrift stores, good old Homegoods and 5 productive hours in Ikea!!  Gathered up all we needed to make a home sweet home for Laurel.  Then
we went to work.  If you need help, putting together any Ikea furniture together, give us a call.  We’re experts!  (even constructed a sofa.  Yikes!)

IMG_1711     IMG_1700#4. On Saturday, we hit the road for Milwaukee with Laurel’s friend John at the wheel.  It was great–from a community Farmer’s Market, to the most incredible Milwaukee Art Museum on Lake Michigan, on to the river walk and, of course, a Wisconsin brat lunch.

IMG_1606     IMG_1549    #5.  I have to say my very favorite moments were working mornings with Laurel.  We’d locate a comfortable table in a cozy coffee shop and and breakfast, while Laurel worked and I wrote on blog posts and read away the hours.

IMG_1637     IMG_1630    #6.  We spent an afternoon wandering through Eataly, Mario Batali’s food emporium, two floors of Italian groceries and several tempting spots to sit and enjoy a leisurely lunch.  We couldn’t resist the charcuterie and a glass of wine.  It was a food wonderland!

IMG_1546     IMG_1558#7.  As a California girl, I love the old style architecture of Chicago.  Laurel’s neighborhood is a collection of leafy streets lined with solid brick homes and beautiful old churches.

IMG_1578     IMG_1752. So here’s Laurel in front of her new home sweet home.  Thanks dear girl for all the furniture shopping, nonstop talking, salad making, apartment planning, sight seeing fun.  It was the best!!