San Francisco Quilt Delivery


Hi all– Just in from a quick trip to San Francisco to deliver a fresh quilt to Ani and Brian.  The project began back in April when Ani and I went to the cavernous M&L fabric store to pick out the perfect colors for the quilt.  And then the cutting, piecing and stitching began.  It’s oh so relaxing to find myself a snug spot on the couch and quilting away.  It’s sweet to pray for the person I’m stitching up the quilt for.  But mostly I watch endless hours of HGTV or Downton Abbey to keep me company while I sew.

So this week it was done!  I took it to my favorite embroidery guy who stitched a tidy A+B neatly in the corner with his fancy machinery.  And Saturday morning I was off, up the Interstate 5, for San Francisco.  Soon as I arrived, Ani spread it out on the bed and it looks just fine.

IMG_0653  537221_10101806214583303_651222221_n.

Now, I’m thinking about a couple grand-girl quilting projects I’ve been waiting on…