Vancouver Days

Hi all–  Been telling a few of you about our travels– a cruise up the coast, some days in Vancouver and Seattle, home for 3 days and then an unexpected trip to Hong Kong, China and Japan with our kids, Ani & Brian!  My head is still spinning.  This is going to to take more than one post to fill you in…

So let’s start with our 3 days in Vancouver. We were so taken with the city and it’s gorgeous setting on the water, surrounded by snowy mountains.  And those Canadians– they’re so nice!!

So here’s what we loved– spent our first morning wandering across Granville Island and it’s amazing market.  It made me want to find a kitchen and cook!  And you get to the Island one of the colorful little ferries–such a great start to our stay.



Spent a gorgeous afternoon in Stanley Park, 1,000 acres of coast line views, towering forest, flower filled gardens, surrounded by city skyline.



And we loved wandering the city– The the wilds of the park, through the towering downtown and on to the historic district of Gastown and Chinatown beyond, in and out of shops and coffee spots and stopping to admire a beautiful downtown church…



And to top if all off, we spent a soggy but stunning day at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park–  we swayed across the 450 foot bridge suspended over a deep river gorge, walked through the treetops, followed the nature trail and traversed walkways hung from the sides of sheer cliffs!!  A whole lot of adventure in a gorgeous towering forest.





Whew!  so may photos (are you still reading??  thanks!).  It was a beautiful stay in a lovely city.  I’m hoping we can return someday.  And thanks thanks Larry for being my intrepid travel buddy!  xo