Family Trek through the Sequoias!

Hi all– Just back from 5 days with family at Sequoia National Park.  Growing up, every summer, my Mom and Dad would stash 4 kids and piles of camping gear in the station wagon, and head up the interstate to Sequoia. So it was big fun to do it again with my Sis and some of our kids!!

We set out one morning to hike our way around bright and brilliant Crescent Meadow (an old favorite for me and my Sis, Lulu!)



Midway around the meadow, we found a quiet spot to stop for lunch and a chance to rest our hiking feet!  And then on we trekked…


We finally arrived at Tharpe’s Log– a fallen redwood tree that became the home to the first settler in that area, who raised sheep in the adjacent meadow.


It was a fine full day–and being immersed in such beauty filled my soul.  I was thanking God for the glorious views all around me.


Thanks bunches to Charlotte, Micah, Jodi, Maryann, Larry, Jobay, Laurel & John (and Ted & Lu!)  for being the best adventurous, intrepid hiking buddies.  Let’s do it again!!


Yak Stew (or lunch in China)

Hello all– I was rummaging through some old photos and came upon this day we stopped in a small village in the interior of China for lunch.  Not just any lunch, but yak stew.  And it was surprisingly delicious!

We were visiting Ted & Luanne (my sis and her husband at the time) who lived some miles down the mountain road.  They took us on a countryside tour that couldn’t have been more intriguing and gorgeous– photos by the Yangtze River, visiting the home of an early British explorer and passing luscious fields of cabbages and water buffalo on farm after farm.

And for lunch there was yak.

IMG_5612      IMG_5619

photos:  My Larry, Ted and our travel buddies heading into the restaurant, the noted Yak Stew,  and other bright fresh dishes to finish it off…

And there were other fascinating people and things to be seen in town:
IMG_5624  IMG_5632  IMG_5607
A walk along the stone streets, courtyard door, outdoor lunch prep on laundry day.

The mountains above
View across the rooftops.

Neighborhood ladies resting in a courtyard of the pharmacy.


Thanks Ted and Lu for the marvelous memorable days with you in China.  Wouldn’t it be remarkable to do it all again? xox