Thank Full

1af7618d53401ab34c8deb3abc6c75b5Hi there–  My house if full and my heart is full as well.  Today my sister is arriving home!  She’s living with in Kosovo, where she and her husband direct/teach at an English high school.  And now,  she’s almost home– coming for the wedding of her son Brett and that cute Susie.  I’m jumping up and down excited!!

Here’s what we’ll do the next 16 days:

1.  Get everything ready for a wedding (in our backyard!)
2.  Talk until way too late every night– as long as her jet lag allows!
3.  Make dinner together in the evenings– love doing that with my sis!
4.  Spend a day out on our annual “Shop til you drop Christmas shopping extravaganza!”
5.  Fill up her suitcases with all the things she’s been missing in Kosovs– (taco
.     seasoning, school supplies, pumpkin pie filling and cranberry sauce…)
6.  Spend a day soaking up the sun down by the beach together!
7.  Enjoy an early Thanksgiving dinner with all her kids on Sunday!
8.  Walk in the park around the lake and talk and talk lots more!

I know that’s too many exclamation points!!  But I love my sis so and couldn’t be more excited to see her walk off that plane this afternoon.  There’ll be hugs and tears all around.

So thank you God, for this happy reunion, for years of growing up and living life with this sis you gave me, for the wedding ahead, for time to say all the little things we can’t fit in when she’s so far away.  I am thank full.