Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day All– It’s around the corner and I’m thinking it’s big fun to make cheery cards for kids and grand-kids.  (maybe it’s the old elementary school teacher in me –Valentines cut & paste crafts!!)   But who doesn’t like to pass out candy and little heart shaped notes to people they adore??!

And to help celebrate the day here’s a favorite little love poem:

Because we do all things together,
All things improve, even weather.
Our daily bread and meat taste better,
Grass is geener, rain is wetter.

Hope your Valentines Day includes a little chocolate, a lot of hugs and time with  people you love.  xox



A Little Valentine Love

IMG_9054Hi friends– Happy Valentines Day! (well, almost).  I can’t help but love a holiday that involves chocolate and saying nice things to people I love.  And I can tell you, it’s also a big time favorite of third graders.  So here’s a couple valentine ideas, if you’re trying to rustle up a card to send your special someone.

IMG_9057These are the oversized, but simple valentines, my 3rd graders put together.  I just gave them a template to trace for the head and heart (heart about 14″ across, the head an 8″ circle) and granted them access to the tub of scrap construction paper.  Throw in some wiggly eyes and those candy conversation hearts for fun.  They made these self portraits in about 30 minutes, ready to take home to Mom on Valentines Day. And the messages to mom that .they type up to glue on the back are usually pretty darn heartwarming. (The black dots on the valentines are magnets holding them up on the board til Valentines Day)

IMG_9016And sitting through the Super Bowl on Sunday, I got out the scissors, glue, ribbon… to make these fan fold valentines to mail off to my own kids, taped atop a nutty bar of chocolate.  Cut a 5″x18″ strip of white construction paper and glue it (white glue diluted with an equal amount of water) to the same size piece of your most valentine-ish gift wrapping paper.  Write a lovely-dovey message inside, slap on a paper heart and tie it up with ribbon.

“I claim there ain’t
Another Saint
As great as Valentine.”
Ogden Nash

Hoping you have a lovely chocolate-filled Valentines Day sending love to the people you care about most!!