Wedding Weekend

Hello all– We had kids come and stay a few days for a wedding weekend.  Our niece Alyssa and her Nick were married on Saturday and it was such a thoughtful, beautiful time together. So happy for them in their new life together–God Bless.   Here’s the highlights:

My favorite part of the wedding was 91 year old Grandpa Stu giving a blessing in the ceremony and a wonderful prayer before the wedding meal.  Here he’s chatting with the bride & groom.  And Micah, Jodi, Ani and Brian at the reception.

And after the wedding there were sunny days with Lois and her parents around the house –and at Grandma Lo’s pool.

Nothing better than time with the family– from the beautiful celebration to the  low key times around the house talking and eating together.


Wonderful Woodsy Wisconsin Wedding Weekend

Hello friends– Just home from 2 weeks in Wisconsin.  Our Laurel and John were married in the woods of Wyalusing State Park, such a warm and wonderful weekend together with family and friends from far and wide.  Here’s a few snapshots from the weekend.

We all met up at the camp on Friday afternoon.  Friends and family went to work to set up camp (I was on the flower crew!) and then it was lawn games, brats on the grill and s’mores around the bonfire before we all tucked in.       

Saturday morning we woke up to Lulu’s scrumptious French toast with berries (Thanks Ted & Lu for being our cooks!).  After breakfast we moved on to more games and some serious painting at the “Craft Corner.” And then scattered to get ready for the wedding.


We gathered at the glorious lookout point for the wedding.  After a flurry of photos and guests all arrived, the ceremony began.  Beautiful Irish pipes for music, officiating by John’s brother Danny, “wise words” from Dad Larry and the planting of a small white pine tree with soil from family gardens.  It was lovely.



Back at the camp, we celebrated Laurel and John with a roast pig dinner & all the fixings.  There were speeches and dancing and cutting the cake (including a birthday cake for 6 year old Jobay)– and ending with some quiet moments with our girl by the campfire.



Well, that’s about it.  Sunday morning it was a quick breakfast and cars set off in all directions.  A few us packed up all the wedding detritus into the van–  And saw Laurel and John off to their National Parks honeymoon (we’ve been getting texts of glacial lakes and buffalo!).

God bless you John & Laurel.  It was a fine full wonderful weekend.  One we’ll never forget.  I’m thankful.

Wonderful (& Wild) Wedding Weekend

Sunset at Paul and Andrea’s  Beautiful Beachside Wedding

Hello all– Last weekend we went from a little house of 2 people to a bulging house of 11.  Kids came in for our niece adorable Andrea’s wedding and I loved every crowded noisy minute of it.

11822858_10204674970575896_3730882765683165991_n     11219519_10101297814102144_8912496234809558510_nThe wedding day was brilliant and so were the bride and groom–  photos: Andrea with her ever-loving’ Dad– and the happy couple after the ceremony.

And we sandwiched a little more fun into the weekend with kids in tow.

11846516_10156323924120131_2099115365889498471_n   IMG_2280

11794378_10104479821094423_2002550834861642123_o     11222728_10104478528419953_8163597927642699430_o  photos:  4 gals snapping selfies in the backyard,  Laurel & John celebrating Route 66 on the Santa Monica Pier, John greeting the mastodon at the La Brea Tar Pits Museum on his L.A. tour, Brian-Harry-Ani out for super burger dinner and a stroll around Fullerton.

11791899_10153160423171478_1343325681399519460_oIt warmed a mom’s heart to have kids around the house and all dressed up (!) for the lovely wedding together– thanks all –for the memorable weekend!!

Homespun Wedding


Hello all– This past weekend Brett & Susie got married!!  We love that girl.  She’s bright and funny and open and kind…  Just the girl for our old Brett.  So when they were married last Saturday, the family was there to make it a warm wonderful wedding day here in our backyard…

IMG_5656     IMG_5660

IMG_5683     IMG_5679The whole big family pitched in.  Grandma Lo organized us all– Larry officiated, one of my brothers played the guitar and sang the song he wrote for his own wedding, my other brother photographed the day (along with a couple of the young cousins with nifty cameras), niece Katie helped with flowers, my sis and I made cakes (lots of cakes), grand-girl Amelia was our giggly flower girl and everyone brought food for a amazing tri-tip feast out under the maple trees.

547850_10151803058842639_1016134728_n     IMG_5699

IMG_5712     GyMOvDxPze6CpijzWGI2YbZgIj8mfyNM2L7iXZ7qNEU,G8T9w8gssimAu6_GGADcwEXMEpKrbRMDyUAJiVWXt5w

After the ceremony we feasted and toasted, watched Brett & Susie open gifts and cut the cake, topped with the bride & groom from Grandma Lo’s 1949 wedding.  It was a grand day! So here’s to you Brett and Susie and all the happy years ahead.  God bless you both.

P.S. Thank you to nephew Nathan for the photos (the best ones are all his).

Katie and Nathan Get Married!!

Hi friends–  Here they are– Katie, our newly married niece and her Nathan on their wedding day.  It was a warm and wonderful day for the family together, celebrating these two.  God bless and keep you Nathan and Katie in all wonderful years ahead…



Sometimes you go to a wedding and it just seems like the bride and groom are having a whole lot of fun getting married!  Well, that is what you would say about Katie and Nathan all right.  It’s hard to remember a happier bride and groom– from the sweetness of the ceremony to their rollickling walk back up the aisle.

On the dessert table there were treats contributed by all the family.  Grandma Lo’s orange pecan cookies, Katie’s mom’s ginger snaps, her brother’s chocolate coated bacon brownies… I brought plates of mini coconut cupcakes.  Not really a recipe, but cute as can be so I’ll tell you how they’re made.

Just make a white cake mix according to the directions and throw in 1 cup of coconut.  Bake with those cunning little wrappers in mini cupcake pans.  Makes about 70 little cupcakes

Then whip up the frosting with a mixer– Combine 8 oz. cream cheese, 1 cube of butter, 1 box powdered sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla.  Spread on those little cupcakes and sprinkle with more coconut.  Just 2 sweet bites each.  mmmm.

Thanks to my brother Brad for the beautiful photo.