Tinto de Verano

Hello Summer friends.  For three years we lived in Utrera, a pueblo near Seville, Spain.  The summers were parched…  Midday, with the sun overhead, the cobbled streets of our pueblo were empty.  But by 11:00 in the evening everyone was out, strolling on plazas, kids on tricycles, families lingering over tapas in cafes in the cool of the night time.  We’d gather with friends around a table in the park, our 4 kids racing around the playground.  Jose Maria would order round after round of  summer tapas.  And the perfect drink for sitting outdoors with little plates of shrimp and croquetas is a tall class of “tinto de verano”- summer wine.  It’s almost a sangria, cold and simple.

Citrus Soda (we like Fresca)*
Red wine
lemons, limes or oranges
lots of ice in a tall glass

That’s it.  Pour it all together with a squeeze of lemon or other citrus.  Add slices of fruit to the glass and lots of ice.  Sip on a hot day.

*In Andalusia the drink was Casera, lemon based soda.  It came in big glass bottles with a flip off cork when we first lived in Spain.  I’d like to relive one of those summers all over again.