Happy Thanksgiving (and more)

Hi there– Happy Thanksgiving.  That sounds like not quite enough.  I’d also like to wish you slices of pie and Grandma’s best biscuits. 

And while we’re at it, I’m hoping the people you love the most (all your true favorites!) are sitting around the table with you.

I’m wishing you memorable conversations and the kind of laughter that leaves you gasping.

And wouldn’t it be great if sincere thank you’s were taken and given –and big hugs of appreciation were passed all around??!

I’m wishing you a prayerful thankfulness that comes in quiet moments all alone — And the deep down kind of joy that comes from Thanksgiving days with your dearest people.

And finally, God bless you Dear Readers on this Thanksgiving Day.  Truly thankful for you all.


P.S. Thank you to Dreamstime.com for the free graphic.


29 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving (and more)

  1. Thanksgiving was warm and wonderful, but missing Keith, of course. He always roasted the turkey!!! But we managed. Thankful for you Rhonda and the beautiful example you are of the many ways you love your kids and grandkids!❤️

    • Oh Andi– and you know we love you!! I know it wasn’t the same without Keith here. But I heard from Trisha, you made it a beautiful day– And– hope you can come to the Christmas Open House next week!! xox

  2. Hi Rhonda…so glad you could be altogether for Thanksgiving! Hoping for lots of blessings for you as we head toward 2019! Let’s catch up for coffee in the New Year!

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