Merry Christmas!

Hi there Blog Friends–  We’re deep into tree trimming and cookie baking around here.  My smart young buddy Jenna is coming over to bake this morning and Larry is spending these days shepherding people on a “Walk through Bethlehem” every night at church.  It’s pretty much full on Christmas time for us.  And I’m counting the days until kids walk in the door!

So I’m taking a little Blog Break– to slow down the season, spend time in thankfulness to God and to have sweet time with people we love celebrating together.  At times you just have to simplify– and this is it.

I’ll still be Instagramming at “Rhonda Sittig”

But I’ll be reading along keeping up with all my Blog Buddies– and hopefully will be back posting in the New Year.  Hugs to all!!  And I hope and pray you have a blessed and beautiful Christmas.



Some Links to our Christmas Favorites:

Chocolate Cranberry “Fruitcake”

White Truffle Cake

Sugar Cookies

Swedish Lemon Hearts

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  And God’s dearest blessings to you all…


44 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

      • Yes, we have soo many cookies, apple cakes, ginger bread and the famous danish pastries:)
        We are in Berlin now and we really miss Danish gløgg (special red wine for Christmas) as the red wine we try here is not as good as in Denmark (which they add more spices, almond and raisins). However the Christmas market in Berlin is bigger than in Copenhagen and soo many different type of food. Oh boy.. we had enough eating junk food yesterday. But today we went to 2 Christmas market again (different from yesterday) and still eating the famous berlin sousages and cakes which we never eat before. ha..ha.. it is fun. We will be here until tuesday:)

        • That sounds pretty way to travel at Christmas!! When we lived in Spain there was a big Christmas market in Madrid– but I think not as wonderful as the ones up north! Hope you have a blessed Christmas time. hugs!

  1. Rhonda, what a lovely thing to do…live in the moment! That’s such a nice photo of you and Larry! Wishing you and your beautiful family many blessings! Merry Christmas to you all! Hugs friend❤️❤️❤️🎄🎄🎄

  2. Merry Christmas, Rhonda! I hope you can enjoy your break and every moment with your family. I’ve attended one of those “Walk through Bethlehem” events and they are always so fantastic!!

  3. Hi Rhonda – I am a firm believer in doing only the things you enjoy at Christmas. Don’t like to send cards? Forget about them. Not a baker? Don’t worry and pick up some treats at the bakery. It should be a time of joy, not drudgery. I think many people (women in particular) feel compelled to do too many things and it makes them resentful. Just my 2 cents. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy! – Kat

    • Agree –although I am slow to learn this lesson. But I did drop Christmas cards a while back– and trying to make it all more low key. Fun to find you in Instagram!! Hoping you have a truly Merry Christmas Kat! xox

    • Thanks Daisy– it was a good time together. A little squished with 11 people in our little house. But they left yesterday and I’m missing them all! Would love to hear about your Christmas, when you have time! xox

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