A Resting Heart



“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”—St. Augustine (354-430 A.D.  Early Christian Theologian/Bishop)


Hello all–  Restless. Is Augustine talking about you too?  I know my own restlessness– it makes me search by email once more time for something new from friends or our kids.  It makes me snack my way through the kitchen dipping into the bag of chocolate chips if that’s all the chocolate I can conjure up.

Restlessness can make me put my hope for peace and rest in passing things– hoping in an evening with friends or a trip ahead, time with our children, a new book, a new movie…

But the restlessness deep inside my soul truly longs for rest in God, time spent before him.  That alone is what gives my heart and soul the peace and joy and true rest it craves.

Image of St. Augustine above– mosaic floor above from Worcester College (c. 1971), Oxford.

6 thoughts on “A Resting Heart

  1. Hi Rhonda,

    My name is Jessie, I was your avid blog follower. I just can’t keep it in myself to express how I feel and what I thought about your blogs. It feeds my mind with your amazing recipes and my soul with your spiritual and inspirational quotes. Thanks for coming back from your break. Keep doing good deeds and bless your family.

    best regards,

  2. Dear Rhonda ~
    Thank you for the unspoiled truths and encouragement that spring from your heart. How marvelous to ponder the meeting of St. Augustine with St. Rhonda in heaven some day…I’m sure your Dad is already elbowing him to say, “yep, that’s my daughter.”
    Remember the sweet little family cookbook you put together so many years ago? Perhaps you could transform your spiritual blog inspirations in to a lovely devotional…:)

    Warmly and Restless in Illinois, brenda

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