The History of Love

UnknownHi there Book Buddies–  If you’re looking for a fascinating book to snuggle up with while you stay out of the winter weather, I got one for you.  And I’m not the only one who loved it,  Amazon named it one of the 100 best books of 2014.

Nicole Krauss has set out a most complex, ingenious, creatively structured novels I’ve read.  It starts with Leo Gursky, an lonely elderly man writing alone in his N.Y. apartment.  This quirky funny sad character pulls you in from the first page.  And you find he was once a young man in a Polish village and had written a book about his love, Alma.  But as they separated, escaping the Holocaust, the book is lost, only to resurface later…

The second narrator is also named Alma, a teenager in N.Y. named after the young woman in the book.  She is seeking the origins of the book, and hoping to save her family after the death of her father.  The stories run parallel in a precision that is imprecise enough to keep you wondering through the length of the book.  Once you finish, you want to reread it again to notice clues you missed along the way…

Krauss’ smart book spans continents, languages and generations.  It is a gorgeous study of loss and the complexity of lives–  peopled with hugely sympathetic characters.  It’s a novel within a novel.  I think you’d love this absorbing gorgeous story.


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